Lacy Kay Somers Is Virtually Naked, Instagram Thinks She’s ‘Double Trouble’

Laci Kay SomersInstagram

Instagram seems to have opinions on Lacy Kay Somers today.

On April 17, the Playboy model and singer updated her Instagram. The full-length shot shows Lacy half-seated, half-reclining on what appear to be marble steps. White couches with fuschia cushions decorate the setting, but eyes are likely on Lacy herself.

A barely-visible bejeweled thong forms one part of Somers’ minimal outfit. Its crystals match what appears to form a makeshift bra. Spider-web chains are strewn across the model’s stomach and breasts – the material only beings to take on some substance to cover Lacy’s modesty. The word itself does not appear to be the photo’s focal point, though. Baring her bronzed legs, chest, arms, and face, Lacy seems to be going all-out. Icy-blonde hair, pink-frosted lips, and a piercing stare complete the look.

Lacy herself acknowledges the itsy-bitsy nature of her picture via her caption. It comes as a reaction (or perhaps warning) for times she is told: “I don’t wear enough clothes.”

The update may only be two hours old, but fans already have their opinions. One voiced his thoughts.

“Hot. Absolutely double trouble”

The comment was likely spontaneous. Today’s update does, however, come with a promise from Lacy – she is “sending out DMs”, apparently “at random.”

Laci has 10.2 million followers.

Fronting Playboy isn’t this girl’s only claim to fame. The Sun reports Lacy’s name being linked to golf player and “cheating” headline-maker, Tiger Woods. As of 2018, Lacy is also a recorded artist. Her songs include “Bedroom,” “Turn Up!” and “Options.”

“Options” may well be a good way to sum up this model’s eye-popping Instagram. Her outfits include bondage-style cop getups, underboob tees, thong lingerie, and a veritable mishmash of cleavage-flaunting dresses. Lacy’s choice to post double-shot style looks comes unusual for a glamour model. The trend of showcasing one’s “OOTD” (outfit of the day) via multiple slides is mostly seen from the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Interestingly, Somers does not follow any of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. In fact, her Instagram account appears to follow no megastars aside from Christina Aguilera.

Despite mostly appearing as a solo act, Somers will join forces on the odd occasion. In March, a rear-centric update showed Lacy lying on her front with fellow model and sister, Stefani Somers. The post proved staggeringly popular, racking up over 500,000 likes.

Interestingly, the “double trouble” fan comment from today was also used as a reply for Lacy’s joint post with her sister. Given that Lacy is solo today, one almost wonders if the earlier-mentioned fan is seeing double.