Lashanta White Weight-Loss Pictures: See The Mom Of Four's Amazing Transformation After 'My 600-LB Life'

Lashanta White was at her lowest when she came to My 600-LB Life.

The mother of four's weight had ballooned to 600 pounds and she was bedridden for two years, forced to rely on her children and boyfriend to take care of her round the clock. By the time the Louisiana native appeared on the TLC docu-series, she was in need of a complete life transformation.

It appears she may have gotten it. As Newsweek noted, updates from LaShanta's time on My 600-LB Life seem to show major weight loss and a new lease on life.

It didn't come without plenty of hardship. As the TLC cameras were following, LaShanta split with her boyfriend, losing a critical pillar of support in her weight-loss journey. She was also turned down in her first bid for life-saving weight-loss surgery, and had to try to lose weight on her own first before she could be approved.

LaShanta did just that, losing more than 130 pounds through diet and exercise until she was finally given the approval for her weight-loss surgery.

Her friend, Missy, later tells LaShanta that breaking up with her boyfriend might have actually helped by allowing her to focus and work on the weight loss on her own.

"Sometimes things happen for the greater good," she tells White in the clip. "So maybe you needed him to leave so you can concentrate and be focused on what you're focused on," she added.

It was not clear how much more weight LaShanta White since My 600-LB Life, as she doesn't appear to have much of a social media presence. White appeared to be on the right track during her time on the show, but that is never a guarantee of future success for those featured on the show, as they can frequently face health setbacks.

There are already some weight-loss pictures from LaShanta White's time on the show, however, including a series of pictures in the Newsweek update. While the changes were not yet dramatic, the weight loss that she showed off during the program took place almost entirely on her own --- even before weight-loss surgery. That points to a potentially bright future for LaShanta as she continues to improve.

Those who want to check on any more updates or weight-loss pictures from LaShanta White after My 600-LB Life can keep an eye on the show's official page, which often has updates on people who are featured on the show.