Bachelorette Party Discovers Dead Body When They Arrive At Their New Orleans Airbnb


The last thing a bachelorette party needed when they arrived at their Airbnb in New Orleans after delays and grounded flights was a dead body. However, it took the group a while to work out they were sharing the apartment with a deceased person, after thinking he was just watching television or taking a nap.

According to The New Orleans Advocate, the man was in a part of the bachelorette party’s Treme rental. However, the room the man was in was actually in a separate apartment to their own, so the group assumed a last-minute booking had been made that they were not aware of, and left the man alone.

“We were already kind of confused by the area, so we were like, ‘Oh, did you see a guy was in there?'” said Abbey Donahue, who wrote about the experience on her personal blog.

“That [he might be dead] is no one’s first assumption.”

Leaving the apartment on March 15, the group headed out to the French Quarter in order to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, according to Stuff. However, when they returned and found the man in the exact same position as they left him, the decision to call 911 was made.

Having two nurses within the bachelorette group helped the situation after the women decided to enter the secondary apartment to further check on the man. They found no pulse and discovered foam around the man’s mouth.

“I think it really helped having two nurses in our group, and they handled it really well,” Donahue said.

“I was shaking the entire time and my adrenaline was going. I was really focused on making sure that everyone in our group was safe.”

It was later discovered by the Orleans Parish coroner that the deceased was a 26-year-old man who had died of a probable accidental drug overdose. It is still unclear how the man entered the Airbnb after it was discovered that he had never rented the apartment or had an Airbnb account. It has also been established that the deceased had no connection to the owner of the Airbnb.

Abbey has since removed her post on the discovery during that weekend in March out of respect for the dead man’s family. However, prior, they had nicknamed the man “Roman” after the street on which the apartments were located.

“Finding a dead body is scary, but when you know it’s someone who has a family and a life, it’s [heartbreaking], for sure,” Donahue said.

The bachelorette party was offered full reimbursement of their apartment after the incident and the group quickly relocated to a hotel in the CBD.