Viki Odintcova Goes Braless Under Sheer Black Top On Instagram


Viki Odintcova’s been keeping her fans updated on her latest outfits on Instagram, and her newest post definitely turned up the heat. She wore an all-black ensemble, which consisted of a long-sleeved, sheer top, and leggings. The top had two diagonal back stripes that helped censor her curves, although the top still left little to the imagination. The model posed against workout equipment and grabbed a bar with her left hand. She wore her hair down in a heavy left part and smiled slightly for the cameras.

Odintcova’s other recent Instagram posts showed her rocking a tiny, purple bikini as well as an athletic outfit. The latter Instagram photo consisted of a strapless, light neon yellow top. It had long sleeves, and she paired it up with a pair of white pants and pink sneakers. She held a denim jacket in her hands and accessorized with a cross necklace. Most of her recent photos were geo-tagged in Moscow, Russia. However, her bikini post was geo-tagged in the Philippines.

The model’s been spotted wearing denim jackets twice this month, and it goes to show how much she enjoys it as a fashion statement. Another Instagram update from April 6 showed Viki in an all-denim outfit, save for a gray sports bra that she wore instead of a shirt. The jacket had a fuzzy white lining, while she rocked a pair of lighter denim jeans.

Odintcova was already doing well for herself on social media but gained a ton of attention following a very dangerous stunt at the Cayan Tower a couple of years ago. The stunt was of the model dangling from the side of a skyscraper, only being held by the hand by a man. The man was later identified as Oleg Cricket, who’s actually a stuntman, reported The Daily Mail.

“The whole thing was quite spontaneous. We hadn’t thought about it, or rehearsed it, but just went the day after we thought about it to shoot the video and take the pictures. Oleg is a professional in what he does, so we just made up our minds, went there and did it. I wasn’t thinking whether I trust him or not.”

The model also insisted that in the moment, “I wasn’t afraid and didn’t panic. I was calm when I was on the top of the building. It wasn’t until I got down from the roof that I fully realised what had just happened -and how scary it was.”

Her actions received a ton of backlash, but it appears to be true that Viki’s had enough of stunts to last her a lifetime. She hasn’t done anything like it since.