Robin Holzken Rocks A White Bikini Top With A Strap Falling Down On Instagram

Ben GabbeGetty Images

Robin Holzken shared a new bikini pic with her Instagram fans today and joked about her expression in the captions. The photo showed the model facing the camera but looking into the distance to her left. She appeared to wear very little makeup, and her lips were slightly parted. Her hair was wet, and the left strap of her top was falling down her shoulder.

And three days ago, the model posted another Instagram update that showed her wearing a bright green dress. It had thin straps and a soft “v” neckline. Robin was walking down a busy street with a black purse slung over her left shoulder. She wore her hair down and slicked back with a middle part, accessorizing with earrings.

But that’s not all, as Holzken appeared to go skinny dipping in another Instagram photo from five days ago. She was mostly submerged in water, and the image captured her profile. It was geo-tagged in Frejus, which is a town in southeastern France, according to Britannica. There’s a lot of history there, including an ancient naval base dating back to 50 BCE plus a 1st-century amphitheater.

It’s hard to know if that’s where Holzken is right now, or if the photo was a throwback. At any rate, fans can look forward to catching her in Miami in early May. The Sports Illustrated models are converging for a two-day celebration of the Swimsuit Edition launch. The issue will be available on May 8.

Robin previously spoke with Elite Model Management about how she landed her gig with Victoria’s Secret.

“After Fashionmilk posted a blog online about me working for Victoria Secret, a lot of media contacted my agency and i got a lot of messages on Facebook and Instagram. It was really crazy! The only thing that i wasn’t happy about was that they changed the whole story about how VS scouted me. The media said that VS scouted me off Instagram but they just contacted me on there. After that my agency sent them my polaroid’s, the same way as a normal casting goes and after that I got invited to do a test.”

The model noted earlier in the interview that VS didn’t scout her off Instagram. Rather, Robin said that an executive producer from the brand contacted her on the platform and wanted to find out if she had an agent. They told Elite to wait until she was 18-years-old, and then to contact VS again later.