Paulina Porizkova, 54, Flaunts Her Ageless Curves In Tiny Bikini For ‘Sports Illustrated’ Snapshot

Brian AchGetty Images for Bloomberg

For the delight of fans everywhere, Paulina Porizkova will grace the pages of the 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, more than three decades after being featured for the first time. On Wednesday, the magazine took to its verified Instagram page to share a sizzling snapshot featuring its iconic model in a skimpy two-piece bikini that puts her age-defying figure in evidence.

In the photo in question, the 54-year-old stunner is rocking a grape-colored bikini consisting of a straight-cut top with two thin straps that go over the model’s shoulders, helping accentuate her busty figure. Porizkova has her left arm wrapped across her chest, in a pose that further highlights her cleavage, while her other arm is up over her head.

The Czech-born Swedish supermodel teamed her top with a matching bottom, whose tiny side strap is the only portion visible to the onlooker since Porizkova’s left leg is partially blocking the view. The model — who is also a published author, actress, and women’s right activist — is sitting on a wooden table while seemingly resting her leg on the bench, which partially covers her lower body.

The model is wearing her blonde in a middle part and down in frizzy, beach-inspired locks that cascade over her shoulders and onto her chest. Porizkova is wearing a little eyeliner on her upper lid and a neutral shade on her lips for an overall natural look.

The post, which Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shared with its almost 2 million Instagram followers, garnered more than 2,200 likes and over 35 comments within just a few hours of having been posted. Users of the social media platform who are fans of the issue — and the model — took to the comments section to share their admiration for Porizkova, and note their excitement of the magazine’s upcoming event to celebrate the release of the 2019 edition.

“I’ll be there! Super excited!” one user wrote.

“One of the most stunning models ever!” another one chimed in.

For a few days now, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit has been promoting its first-ever swim exhibition for guests ahead of the 2019 issue’s release, which will be held in Miami on May 10 and May 11, as People recently pointed out. The two-day ticketed exhibition will give fans the opportunity to experience the world of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit through an array of one-of-a-kind installations, photo experiences, and more, the report further detailed.

Porizkova — who first appeared in the swimsuit edition in 1983 when she was 23 — will be featured in the upcoming edition, 35 years later, as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit announced in January.

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