Lyna Perez Busts Out Of Top In Slow-Motion 'Hoechella' Video

Traffic today is likely high for Lyna Perez.

On April 17, the American model updated her Instagram. The slow-motion video doesn't leave much to the imagination. It shows Perez bouncing up and down in an eye-popping bustier top and tiny denim shorts. With a "Hoachella" caption putting a provocative spin on Coachella, it also comes with a touch of humor.

Ample cleavage is likely what's making the video so popular. Lyna's cropped Balmain top is high-end, but the caption suggests a less savory career. There is, however, no suggestion that Perez works as an escort. Flipping her hair to aggressive rap lyrics, Lyna continues to dance to the music before briefly smiling. Her skimpy outfit is accessorized by a PVC cap, bracelets, and what appears to be a black handbag.

Fans have been suggesting that Coachella itself be renamed. One left their thoughts.

"There needs to be a Lynachella"
The comment proved popular. It received a personal reply from Lyna. She appeared to agree – "Lynachella" should be made "a thing."

With overflowing cleavage and the speed to showcase it at its best, the video is proving a hit. Within two hours of being posted, it had been viewed over 152,000 times. Unsurprisingly, no comments appeared to complement the designer Balmain top.

Admittedly, the "Hoachella" caption is witty. The "hoe" term has experienced a rise in popularity of late. Rapper Cardi B frequently uses it in her lyrics. Perez doesn't seem bothered by any derogatory connotations. If anything, she's embracing them.With a penchant for putting her assets on display, this model isn't shy. Whether via bikinis, lingerie, or thongs, Lyna's ability to flaunt her body seems to know no bounds.

Perez does not appear to have joined fellow models at Coachella 2019. The annual music festival has seen appearances from Lele Pons and Sommer Ray. Higher-profile faces have also included Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Olivia Culpo, and Selena Gomez. Whether well- or lesser-known, a girl's presence at the festival can make a headline. Just today, The Inquisitr reported Italian model Valentina Fradegrada and a friend going topless for a Coachella Instagram update.

Lyna's Instagram following doesn't seem to be suffering, though. Lyna has racked up 100,000 followers since The Inquisitr's coverage of her April 11 bikini post. Then again, this girl comes dedicated, as per her own captions.
"not even hiking in a cave will stop me from wearing a bikini"
Lyna's Instagram bio introduces herself as "basically [living] in a bikini." Today seems to be an exception. Fans are likely considering the anomaly worth it.