Model Julia Rose Is Wearing A Thong In A Flower Field And Instagram Is Complaining

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Some people will never be happy.

Julia Rose is the model and Instagram sensation whose most recent update seems to be the source of complaints.

On April 17, Julia posted a photo. It shows Rose in white thong lingerie amid a field of bright red poppies. The sun is shining, the breeze is catching her hair, and Julia seems at peace. Her caption mentions the poppies in a poetic form before giving a nod to the widely recognized “hump day” term – Rose seems to be celebrating that it’s Wednesday.

With a peachy rear accentuated by a healthy tan, Julia’s 1.3 million followers are getting one beautiful woman in very little clothing. This model’s fans seem particularly demanding, though. One user voiced dissatisfaction – if a little on the humorous side.

“Too much clothing”

Another user agreed. Julia herself replied with what appeared to be an apology. She acknowledged possibly wearing too much, adding “it was low key killing me.”

While not a full complaint, another comment saw a fan call the cameraman “the luckiest.” Despite no damning evidence of it, one user accused the model of “Photoshop.”

Models taking to flower fields is nothing new. Kendall Jenner chose the setting for a 2017 Instagram post, per Capital FM. Kendall’s post didn’t include a thong, though.

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Roses are red. Poppies are orange...happy hump day

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Making it as an Instagram model is fast becoming competitive. As the social media platform overflows with busty young women willing to flaunt it all, gaining popularity requires an edge. For Julia, it seems to be the trademark use of her tongue – snaps frequently show this model cheekily sticking hers out.

Then again, food also seems to perform well. Earlier this year, Julia shared a video of herself eating pizza in a bathtub. With the pizza box covering her modesty and a bubbly setting, the video proved immensely popular.

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It’s Monday ???? tag a pizza lover

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A healthy appetite features regularly on Julia’s Instagram. In February, a video showing Rose on her bed came complete with an oversized pizza. The pie was the width of the bed. Julia didn’t appear to be eating it, but pouring wine into an oversized glass provided the required humor. The video received over 1 million views. Elsewhere, Rose has updated her Instagram from the inside of a grocery store – while a thong here likely drew in the viewers, the picture also suggested Rose as a fan of cereal.

Today’s post may cater to nature lovers. For the select fans hoping to have seen more of Julia though, it comes with a tinge of disappointment.