WWE News: The Effect The Superstar Shake-Up Had On Real Life Couples – Are They All Together Now?


For TV and storyline purposes, the WWE Superstar Shake-Up did a lot of good things and will give fans some new match-ups to enjoy in the future. At the same time, there was also a bit of a purpose behind the scenes, but it wasn’t necessarily something that WWE had completely in mind. After the Shake-Up, it’s time to look at the real-life couples from the talent roster and see who will be traveling together and who won’t.

Wrestling Inc. took a look at the couples in WWE and if all of the moves from this week helped out their relationships or not. For the most part, there were a lot of moves made in the Superstar Shake-Up that helped the majority of the married couples.

Both Naomi and her husband Jimmy Uso were moved from SmackDown Live to Monday Night Raw. They had been together on the blue brand for quite some time, and this will keep them together on Monday nights as well.

Aleister Black had been jumping between both shows since being brought up from NXT, but he is now cemented in place on Raw. The good news for him is that his real-life wife Zelina Vega is now on Raw as well since she was moved there with Andrade.

Erik of The Viking Experience was also brought up to the main roster from NXT and is stationed on Raw which is good for him. His wife Sarah Logan is also on the red brand which means they will be together.

The Viking Experience makes their debut on "Monday Night Raw."
Featured image credit: WWE

Some non-moves also worked out in favor of many couples on WWE’s main roster. Maria and Mike Kanellis are still together on 205 Live. Rusev and Lana ended up staying together on the roster for SmackDown Live as well.

Not all couples are together, though, and that’s just how things work sometimes in the company. As mentioned earlier, Andrade is now a member of the Raw roster, but his girlfriend Charlotte Flair remained a member of the blue brand.

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy was moved over from 205 Live to SmackDown Live, and while good, that isn’t great. He is dating Alexa Bliss who is still on the roster for Monday Night Raw and that means that couple won’t be together all the time.

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch have just recently started dating, and they will be able to spend some time together as well. Rollins is the current WWE Universal Champion on Raw while Lynch holds both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships and will jump back and forth between shows.

The WWE Superstar Shake-Up created a lot of new feud possibilities and match-ups for the fans, and it also brought a number of real-life couples closer together. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the best for everyone, but there is always the chance of additional moves in the coming days.