Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Oscar Starts Making Difficult Preparations For What’s Ahead

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s episode indicate that viewers will be taken back to Oscar’s storyline after several days of heavy Dawn of Day action. As everybody last saw, Oscar’s prognosis is exceptionally grim at this point. Dr. Terry cautioned Kim and Drew that the teen may only have days left to live. Now, in the April 18 show, the family will try to cope with this news.

The sneak peek shared at the end of Wednesday’s episode suggested that Oscar will be released from the hospital, and that he will be preparing to head to the Quartermaine mansion during the course of the next show. Monica had invited Kim and Oscar to stay there during the teen’s final days, and General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central detail that Olivia will be busy getting the mansion ready for their guests.

It looks like just about everybody involved will basically be walking on eggshells through this. Nobody wants to admit that Oscar may die in a few days, but it is clearly at the forefront of everybody’s minds. Based on the sneak peek, it looks like Oscar will be in a pretty frail state — and he may struggle with the lack of autonomy and control he’s now facing.

Josslyn will, of course, be right by Oscar’s side — to the degree she can. However, General Hospital spoilers note that she will worry that she is interrupting or intruding at some point at the Quartermaine home.

Carly has tried to help Joss allow Kim and Drew some space to have some privacy with Oscar, but they know that Oscar wants his girlfriend with him. It looks like this may be a complicated dance as everybody shuffles to find their places.

SheKnows Soaps notes that Carly will be moved to tears over something during Thursday’s show. While General Hospital spoilers don’t specifically note that this is related to Oscar, it seems virtually certain. Carly isn’t particularly close to Kim or Drew, but she knows how much Joss loves Oscar. Watching all of this play out will most certainly generate some big emotions for Carly.

Will Oscar really pass away within a matter of days? As The Inquisitr recently shared, there are some signs that Oscar might still have a little bit of time left.

Actor Garren Stitt, who portrays the dying teen, quite recently shared via social media that he was still on the set, filming. Scenes being filmed now will air in mid-May — as the Nurses Ball airs — so it’ll be interesting to see if Oscar really has that much time left.

It looks as if Thursday’s episode will be a rough one for those invested in this Oscar storyline. General Hospital spoilers have not yet confirmed with absolute certainty that the teen will die, but it certainly appears to be headed in that direction.