Farrah Abraham Dubbed An ‘Absolute Joke’ In Latest Instagram Video

Bryan SteffyGetty Images

Farrah Abraham appears to be struggling of late.

On April 17, the Teen Mom OG star took to Instagram for a “masterclass” on being an “entrepreneur.” The monologue sees this 27-year-old mother talk about owning a business.

Farrah is shot close up as she talks about “[evolving] as a business person.” Not appearing to acknowledge recent negative press, the reality star takes a decidedly positive stance on her life. Farrah’s speech is introduced by footage showing a FroCo storefront – the frozen yogurt eatery founded by Abraham closed down in 2018, per Hollywood Life.

Farrah addresses the issue of when it’s “time to close up” – the words “closing time” are used to open the clip. Adversity is mentioned, but for someone with a failed business to her name, Farrah’s demeanor seems markedly upbeat. She calls having a company “magical.”

The video appears to have been posted twice. While comments on the first are positive, replies to the second are decidedly negative. The most-liked comment spoke candidly.

“God what an absolute joke who would ever give you a forum you need to just go raise your daughter and live your life and stop trying to be something that you’re not…”

The comment continued to “beg” Farrah to “stop the madness.” The request was, as the user writes, made on behalf of “millions of Americans.”

Today’s video comes one day after a hot tub post from Farrah saw one fan call her an “escort,” per The Inquisitr. This likely stems from Farrah’s decision to “quit” Teen Mom OG in favor of a career in the adult entertainment industry. The news made Cosmopolitan’s headlines last month.

@pristine_peaches also had some thoughts.

“FarraHam, you’re pathetic begging for people to call in for your ‘podcast’ lamo [sic] We didn’t see a single actual call”

Another comment simply asks where Farrah’s daughter is.

Abraham’s recent social media posts appear to have made the star a source of ridicule. In March, a post appearing to replicate Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh promotion saw Farrah pose nude in a bathroom. The picture was slammed for having allegedly been Photoshopped. A more recent video of Farrah working out on a beach received backlash. Fans accused Abraham of promoting fitness to attain an enviable physique while actually achieving it via cosmetic surgery, per The Inquisitr.

Farrah’s Instagram now seems largely endorsement-based. However, negative press doesn’t seem to be affecting this. With 2.2 million followers, Farrah has an audience, which is valued by brands. Given her continued promotions, some fans are clearly responding positively.

Then again, with the “absolute joke” comment from today, Farrah’s days as an influencer may be numbered.