Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brad Faces Questions, Shiloh Feels Confident, & Margaux Needles Sonny

Rick RowellABC

The latest General Hospital spoilers indicate that Wednesday’s episode will be filled with tense moments. Shiloh is determined to find Kristina, but Jason is just as determined to keep her away from Dawn of Day. This will lead to questions and schemes that keep many throughout Port Charles hopping.

As viewers saw during Tuesday’s episode, Shiloh talked Brad into lying about testing the cup that had been at the DOD house for Kristina’s initiation ceremony. Jason was surprised by this but during the April 17 show, he pieces some important details together.

The sneak peek for Wednesday’s episode shared via Twitter shows that Jason will talk further with Brad. She Knows Soaps details that something prompts Jason to ask Brad about his involvement with DOD, and this will surely set off alarm bells for Jason.

Brad may end up feeling uneasy facing these questions but of course, he really has no idea how anxious he should feel about his deepening interest in Shiloh’s organization. General Hospital spoilers hint that Brad’s interest in DOD could eventually become key in the baby story exploding, which would suggest that Shiloh isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

As Jason continues to scramble looking for ways to take Shiloh down, the DOD leader is working to keep his organization safe from scrutiny. So far, Sam has been successful in convincing Shiloh she’s on his side, and General Hospital spoilers tease that this will continue as Shiloh becomes perhaps a bit overconfident.

Shiloh now feels sure that Jason took Kristina from the DOD house. Of course, he’s right, but he doesn’t know that Sam was in on the plan. The sneak peek for Wednesday’s episode shows that he will tell Sam that they have something that Jason never counted on, but viewers will have to tune in to see what he’s referencing.

It may be that Shiloh thinks he and Sam can use her connection to Jason, and what he perceives is something of an obsession with his ex-wife on Jason’s part, to get information. Shiloh seemingly will stop at nothing to get Kristina back under his control, but it looks like he will be underestimating Jason and Sam as he moves forward.

The next show will also have Sonny and Margaux butting heads once again. She’ll question whether he’s hiding something, and while it’s not known yet if this is about Kristina, it seems likely. Sonny knows that Margaux has started to develop in DOD now, too, and he certainly won’t trust her with any information that could put Kristina at risk.

As The Inquisitr has previously noted, the next episode also has more with Franco, Elizabeth, and their concern for Aiden. Franco will hope that a talk with Nina about Aiden and Charlotte can help make things better for his stepson at school, but Nina may not be terribly receptive.

There is also more on the way with the conversation between Willow and Michael. The Inquisitr indicates that Michael will piece enough together to question Willow about her biological baby’s adoptive family, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll hold back from sharing anything too specific.

What will be Shiloh’s downfall and how long will viewers have to wait to see it? General Hospital spoilers hint that there are still buzzworthy twists and turns on the way, but Wednesday’s show should give fans an idea of where things are headed next.