Instagram Model Julianne Kissinger Wows In Caged Bra, Garter, & Thigh-High Boots

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Julianne Kissinger showed her naughty side in a recent social media share. The brunette bombshell posted a very revealing selfie of herself on Instagram, much to the delight of her millions of followers. However, it’s the social media influencer’s wicked sense of humor which had users commenting on her page.

Kissinger was dressed in a very provocative outfit. She wore a black underwire caged bra that had an edgy, yet feminine feel with its lacy border. The front straps molded themselves to her full cleavage and accentuated her breasts. The model paired the risqué bra with a tame pair of black panties so as not to detract from the showstopper. The Instagram model donned a sexy garter belt embellished with an intricate pattern of lace flowers. The belt drew attention to her tiny waist, while the garter straps hung loosely down her legs. Kissinger also wore a pair of black thigh-high boots which clung to her curves.

Kissinger, who goes by “juli.annee” on her Instagram profile, styled her hair in a side path. Her long, wavy tresses cascaded down her shoulders and back. She played with some of her locks while taking a selfie. The 26-year-old’s makeup highlighted her pretty facial features. She wore a bold brow, plenty of mascara, and a rose-tinted lipstick. Kissinger also chose an off-white nail polish to complete the look.

The mother of one teased her fans with the caption that she posted. Kissinger let her followers know that she always tried to keep her fruit bowl filled. Apparently, one can guess her favorite fruit by looking at the fruit bowl in the background.

In the photo, Kissinger’s kitchen is visible in the background. She arranged peaches, oranges, and an apple in a large bowl. Suspended over the fruit bowl was a bunch of bananas.

Kissinger has a massive following of over 4.9 million users. In less than a day, this particular image has already gone viral racking up over 132,000 likes. Her fans streamed to see the photo and were not shy about commenting either. This particular image has more than 2,000 comments. Most of her followers guessed the Instagram model’s favorite fruit, while others just complimented her on her beauty.

“Oranges, and wooow, you are insanely gorgeous, wow, so beautiful.”

“Fruit bowl, what fruit bowl? I can’t see beyond you.”

“You look so incredible! I honestly would have never noticed the fruit, but now that you mention it, your bananas are too ripe.”