Trump ‘Lacks Experience And Preparation For Office,’ Says GOP Challenger Bill Weld

George FreyGetty Images

Republican presidential candidate and former two-term Massachusetts governor Bill Weld took his appearance on CNN’s New Day to criticize President Donald Trump for what he describes as a “lack of experience and preparation.”

“He has a one-word environmental policy, hoax, and a one-word immigration policy, wall. And I think sometimes his lack of experience and preparation for the office shows.”

Per Southwest Daily News, Weld also revealed that he doesn’t believe that Trump is an economic conservative and pointed out that “he hasn’t vetoed one dollar of spending.” The former governor added that when he was governor of Massachusetts, he “cut spending in real terms,” cut taxes 15 times, and was voted the most fiscally conservative governor in the U.S.

Host Alisyn Camerota asked Weld why Republicans don’t seem concerned that the U.S. has added $2 trillion to the federal debt under Trump.

“You know I am. I think it’s an unfair burden on the millennials and Gen X-ers who are going to have to pay that bill, and people don’t understand the long term consequences of these deficits.”

Weld was also critical of the spending of both parties as a whole and suggested that Washington is not concerned with the federal government’s current $30 trillion in debt because everybody loves to spend money.

“The Dems want to spend more money on social programs, the Republicans want to spend more money on military.”

Weld added that at the end of the day, the two parties argue to raise 5 percent on their chosen programs, compromise, and agree to increase everything by 10 percent. He added that as a state governor, you are required by the state’s constitution to balance the budget — something he believes should be required in the federal government as well.

Before his run for president, Weld was the Libertarian Party nominee for vice president in 2016 with former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. As The Inquisitr reported, the pair won almost 4.9 million votes — or 3.28 percent of the popular vote. While this is impressive for the Libertarian Party, it still didn’t take them anywhere close to Trump, who gained 46 percent of the popular vote.

The president’s re-election campaign adviser and daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, believes that Republican challengers are wasting their time and money and claims that the Trump administration isn’t worried about any of them.

Weld’s previous Libertarian Party membership may give him trouble with the New Hampshire GOP, as state party chairman Steve Stepanek claims that he doesn’t know how he can consider himself a Republican.