‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Wednesday: Franco Approaches Nina, Hopes She’ll Nudge Charlotte To Help Aiden

Craig SjodinABC

This week on General Hospital, spoilers share that Franco and Elizabeth will be anxious to do everything they can to support Aiden. Cameron just got suspended from school for getting into a fight over something a classmate said about Aiden, and now Liz and Franco will look for ways to smooth things over at school.

When Aiden first started dealing with bullying at school, Charlotte was a primary instigator of the trouble. While Nina remained resistant to the idea that Charlotte could be doing anything wrong, the young girl did accept some responsibility for her actions and promised to change her ways.

Now, the kids at school are escalating the bullying of Aiden, specifically in questioning his sexuality. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Hub suggest that Franco will think Charlotte could be key in turning things around, and he’ll try to do something about it. During Wednesday’s episode, Franco will reach out to Nina and tell her they need to talk about their step-kids.

Of course, fans will remember that Franco and Nina used to be romantically involved. Despite that relationship not going the distance, they are on fairly good terms now. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that she might get annoyed if Franco suggests that Charlotte is anything but perfect when it comes to her behavior at school.

It sounds as if Franco may plead with Nina to talk to Charlotte and encourage her to befriend Aiden. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Franco may hope that Nina can persuade Charlotte to at least start treating Aiden especially kind, in hopes that the other kids will follow her lead. Charlotte has become a pretty popular kid in her class, and Franco’s not wrong in thinking that her support of her cousin could lead others to be kind as well.

How will Nina react to this? Franco may not be catching her at the best possible moment, considering the conversation she just had with Spencer. The young Cassadine got on her nerves a bit, and his comment that Valentin and Sasha have been keeping a secret of sorts left her a little rattled.

This request will be important to Franco, but General Hospital spoilers hint that he may not get the response from Nina he was hoping to receive. Of course, Nina doesn’t want to see anybody treating Aiden poorly, but it seems unlikely she’ll feel all that compelled to intervene and nudge Charlotte to do anything she doesn’t want to do.

Elizabeth will be working her own angles on keeping her family safe and happy, and it sounds as if there are additional tense moments involving Cameron ahead. General Hospital spoilers tease that this storyline will continue to forge ahead, prompting big feelings from many involved, and fans will be anxious to see where this heads next.