Russian Bombshell Sveta Bilyalova Busts Out Of Sports Bra And Impossibly Tiny Shorts

Sveta BilyalovaInstagram

Russian model Sveta Bilyalova is getting noticed. Her 6.3 million Instagram followers are living proof.

On April 17, Sveta took to the platform from Bali’s luxurious Finns Recreation Club. Swaying palms and blue skies might make for an attractive backdrop, but eyes are likely on Sveta herself. With her arms above her head, the Russian brunette appears to be in a sports field. Her outfit certainly echoes it. An in-your-face red sports bra is barely containing this model’s ample cleavage – her tiny shorts are likewise itsy bitsy.

The update comes as two pictures. The first shows Bilyalova looking directly at the camera as she showcases taut abs and those eye-popping assets. The second sees Sveta shot from behind. The slight sideboob is only partially blocked by a white rope net, but nothing is blocking this girl’s behind. White-piped black shorts aren’t leaving much to the imagination, however, Sveta’s caption offers room for some. Announcing herself as the “goalkeeper,” Sveta asks which of her fans want to “kick some balls.”

Fan comments are joining in the fun. The following one received 55 likes.

“You must be a soccer player because you’re a keeper.”

Another took Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” lyrics and spun them.

“I see it, I like it, I what [sic] it, don’t get it”

The Sweetener singer’s “I like it, I got it” line appears well-known to this Instagram user, albeit doubling up as a suggestion that Sveta herself cannot be acquired.

Today’s update comes three months after The Inquisitr reported Sveta posting an ultra-revealing swimwear snap. Submerged in a pool, Sveta was seen in a bikini top that appeared to be coming undone. The update came as a statement – Sveta felt that men going topless without judgment is unfair. She then outlined how topless women are scrutinized.

Despite her penchant for barely-there sports outfits and bikinis, Sveta will don traditional clothing. Jeans, evening dresses, and cropped sweaters don’t make frequent appearances on this girl’s Instagram, but they’re there. Likely keeping tabs on her stats though, Sveta’s choice to go braless, topless, or nearly nude is likely influenced by the positive response.

Bilyalova isn’t above asking fans for engagement in a direct manner. A 2018 post came with the following caption.

“I’m strong [sic] and independent woman, please like and comment my photo, [sic] or I will cry”

Over 362,000 Instagram users did their best to keep Sveta from tears.

While Sveta does not appear to have joined fellow glamour models at Coachella 2019, she does seem to have her eye on Hollywood. Sveta’s Instagram account follows Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, and Rihanna. Sveta herself is followed by high-profile model and influencer Blac Chyna.