Blac Chyna Shows Off Her Money While Being Sued For Skipping Out On $48K In Rent

Blac Chyna owes $48,000 in rent according to her former landlord, and he plans to collect, as Michael Kremerman reportedly sued Chyna for breaching her contract. He says that she signed a lease for a massive Studio City, California, home but left the home early without fulfilling the lease, according to The Blast.

Kremerman says that Chyna signed a one-year contract for a six-bedroom, five-bathroom home worth $4.5 million for $16,000 a month. After the year was up, she extended the lease to last until March 31.

But she left the home in November 2018, and she stopped paying her rent even though she still had five more months left on her lease. Now, Kremerman says she owes him $30,546 for the rent and wants another $18,000 in damages, bringing the grand total to $48,552.06 plus attorney’s fees.

Meanwhile, the model took to Instagram to show off her luxurious lifestyle. She posted a video showing her wearing a purple fur coat and white silk jumper with a long black ponytail as she walks past rows of pricey white cars.

“Every one has eyes but only handfull [sic] of people see,” she captioned the post.

“Sell those cars and go buy a house …social media pressure ain’t necessary…you still owe your rent @blacchyna ….don’t try so hard to fit in,” one fan commented on the post.

It’s been a rough month financially for Chyna after she and her ex Rob Kardashian agreed that he won’t have to pay her any child support going forward. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Rob has been trying to get out of paying child support for his daughter, Dream, for some time.

Earlier this month, a Los Angeles court ruled that he wouldn’t have to pay child support, instead deciding that Rob and Chyna should pay for the upkeep of their daughter when she was with them.

“No child support shall be payable by either party to the other,” the ruling reads. “The parties shall equally share the costs of the minor child’s medical insurance premiums, any uninsured emergency or routine medical care and any mutually agreed upon pre-school or private school.”

The ruling also lays out that each parent can claim Dream on their taxes on alternating years. That means that Rob has $20,000 less to pay each month, while Chyna is $20,000 lighter in terms of her bank account.

The deal was hashed out after the two met for a mediated session to figure out how to come up with some sort of agreement.

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