Kim Kardashian Honors Her Father At Opening Of UCLA Medical Center

Ethan Miller Getty Images

Kim Kardashian, along with Kris Jenner and other family members, honored her father at the opening of UCLA’s Robert G. Kardashian Center for Esophageal Health in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

“So proud to announce the Robert G Kardashian center for esophageal health being launched at UCLA,” Kim wrote on Twitter. “My wish is that other families can have more information and we can also focus on health and prevention.”

In a short video at the campus event shared on Kim’s Twitter, the reality star said that she and her mother were “at the opening ceremony for the Robert G. Kardashian esophageal cancer health center at UCLA.”

“We just did the ribbon cutting. We’re going to take a picture with all the doctors and everyone that will be helping and educating.”

Her mother chimed in and said the event was “so exciting.”

Robert Kardashian Sr., an attorney, died in 2003 at the age of 59 from esophageal cancer.

UCLA reported that new center would provide resources for research, patient care, education, and training to support efforts in treating esophageal health, as well as assist in advancing the university’s study of esophageal and other gastrointestinal disorders. The center will also collaborate with the Melvin and Bren Simon Digestive Diseases Center and the Manoukian Division’s Integrative Digestive Health and Wellness Program to offer patients individualized care.

Dr. Eric Esrailian, chief of the Manoukian Division of Digestive Diseases, said he was grateful to the Kardashian family, noting that the center would make a difference in patients’ lives for years to come.

Kim reportedly said at the event that her family was proud to be involved with the center, and looked forward to helping build the best program of its kind in America.

Kim is also choosing to honor her father in another way by following in his footsteps. Earlier this month, she announced that she would be pursuing a law degree.

The mother-of-three faced criticism about the choice, with some of her fans telling her to “stay in her own lane.” The star responded by saying that she was creating her own lanes.

In a lengthy Instagram post, she explained how she registered with the California State Bar to study law last year, and for the next four years, she would be committing 18 hours a week to study. She mentioned how she would have to devote time to studying after she put her children to bed and on weekends. She also offered inspiration advice to others by saying that people should never let anything get in the way of pursuing their dreams.