‘Jack Reacher’ Sequel Might Be Back On The Table

A sequel to the Tom Cruise thriller Jack Reacher might happen after all.

Paramount Pictures indicated last month that the franchise was essentially dead in the water. However, the film’s foreign theatrical haul has reportedly made the studio rethink its decision.

According to Deadline, the movie’s performance overseas has reopened discussions for a possible sequel. When everything was said and done, the film made approximately $200 million around the world.

The numbers posted at Box Office Mojo show that Jack Reacher pulled in around $79 million at the domestic box office. However, the movie’s foreign total currently sits at $124 million. Given that director Christopher McQuarrie was operating on a $60 million budget, it’s not surprising that the Paramount is now reconsidering a sequel.

SlashFilm reports the studio wasn’t convinced a sequel would be worth the time and money. Rumors started swirling last month that the thriller’s box office performance was considered a disappointment. Since Tom Cruise movies typically make tidy sums of money, Paramount was probably expecting more than what they received.

Although producers are reportedly “already figuring out the sequel,” the studio might be keeping an eye on how the actor’s next movie performs later this year. Should Tom Cruise’s Oblivion fail to connect with audiences, the studio may not be so willing to invest another Jack Reacher flick with Cruise in the lead.

Tom Cruise

Written by author Lee Child, the adventures of Jack Reacher span several novels. In fact, Jack Reacher is actually pulled from around the middle of the series. If Paramount decides to move forward with a sequel, then they will have plenty of source material.

There’s still a chance the film could find an audience when it lands on home video later. However, a precise release date has not been set as of this writing.