Nicole Scherzinger, 40, Shows Off Rock Hard Abs In Skimpy Bra During Sweat Session

Jesse GrantGetty Images

Nicole Scherzinger is showing fans just how she stays in such good shape.

During a lot of her intense workout routines, the former Pussycat Doll frontwoman takes to her Instagram stories to share clips with fans. Yesterday, the 40-year-old wowed fans with a number of clips from her sweat session, and it’s really amazing just how good she looks, even when she’s at the gym. Photos published by The Daily Mail show Nicole doing a few stretches before she gets into the bulk of her workout.

In the first clip, Scherzinger can be seen outside stretching as she puts one leg up and leans against a garage door. The black-haired beauty looks amazing in a pair of purple patterned leggings along with a tiny purple sports bra. The next little clip shows Nicole holding one leg up in the air and showing off her flexibility. This time, the video is taken from a front angle, showing off Nicole’s incredibly fit and rock hard abs.

In the next few clips in the series, Scherzinger hits the gym and does a number of exercises, including side squats on the Bosu ball as well as weighted leg kicks. Though the singer put on a pink tank top over her bra during part of the workout, she also rolled it up and once again showed off her insane abs to her nearly 4 million followers.

To end the workout, Nicole could be seen cycling and then doing a little bit of ab work on the mat. And this was not the first time in recent weeks that Scherzinger has given fans a peek into her serious sweat session. As The Inquisitr shared last week, the 40-year-old shared two short videos that show her intense workout routine.

The first snippet in the set shows Nicole using her arm strength to help her crawl across the floor while dragging her feet on two discs. In the video, you can tell that Scherzinger is using a lot of strength as she pulls herself forward and then back again. The next short clip in the set shows Nicole using a weighted ball for various exercises.

But in both of the videos — Nicole’s enviable figure is on display as she flaunts it in a low-cut black and white sports bra along with a pair of black leggings and black sneakers. The clip has already earned Nicole a lot of accolades with over 87,000 views in addition to 900-plus comments.

Way to go, Nicole!