Alexis Ren Shows Off Incredible Curves In Tiny Bikini & Arches Her Back By The Pool On Instagram

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Alexis Ren enjoyed a weekend at the Coachella Music Festival, and shared a bunch of amazing photos with her fans. In particular, she shared an Instagram Story that showed her enjoying some pool time. The model lay on her back and arched it, accentuating her curves. The bikini appeared to be a peach color with thong bottoms. She placed her arms stretched out behind her, as she bent her knees and pointed her toes. Alexis lay her head on the ground but looked to the right at the camera. She posed right next to a pool, and behind her was a manicured lawn and foliage.

Another Story showed Ren in an athletic-inspired outfit. It consisted of a cloth sports bra and a pair of denim jeans. She wore a pair of Supreme underwear underneath, and the red band with the brand’s name could be spotted peeking out from under her pants.

In addition, the social media star shared an Instagram update with 10 photos. These ranged from group photos with friends to photos of Alexis in various outfits. One shot showed her smiling in a yellow animal print miniskirt. There was a large zipper that ran down the middle of her back, and it hugged her curves. Ren also wore a small, pink crop tank for a photo. And in another, she rocked a strapless polka-dot dress with ruffle accents on the bottom.

Ren previously spoke with Elite Daily on her philosophy about women sharing revealing photos, and her answer wasn’t too surprising considering some of her own posts are risqué.

“I’m team do-whatever-the-f*ck-you-want with your body, it’s yours. Live life how you please. You cannot control people’s reactions, but you can control your own [actions].”

The model also revealed that “I have always been a very physically active human being. I was a dancer for ten years and use my body like an artist uses their paintbrush. It gives me a high like no other and and it’s so crucial for my well-being.”

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Of course, Ren appeared in the latest season of Dancing With the Stars, and fans were able to get to know her as a dancer.

At the time, Alexis also noted that “I’m currently working on self-love and being more compassionate towards myself. You are all you’ve got, and you’re so much more than your physical being. Be you.”

She often shares positive words of encouragement with her fans, both on her Instagram and Twitter.