Josephine Skriver Dons Purple Bra In New Paradise Themed Instagram Post

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Josephine Skriver looked fabulous in her newest Instagram post, which showed her posing outdoors in a purple bra and a teal skirt. The bra had a classic cut, and her skirt was high-waisted and covered up most of her belly button. She stood facing the camera and looking off into the distance, as she wore her hair down in a basic middle part. Behind her, you could see a short chain link fence along with the ocean and the sun setting. She mentioned how paradise is being with the person she loves in the captions. Most likely, she was thinking of her fiancée, Alex DeLeon.

The happy couple became engaged in November 2018, and they immediately shared the good news with fans on Instagram. The breathtaking photos of the engagement revealed that he popped the question while they were vacationing in Finland, noted Harper’s Bazaar.

There hasn’t been much talk about when her potential wedding date could be, or whether she’s begun any of the planning. Alex made an appearance, however, on Skriver’s social media feed on April 8. The model shared a photo of her straddling and kissing her fiance on Instagram in honor of his 30th birthday. She wore a gold bikini with a thong bottom, while he sported black swimming trunks. The photo was geo-tagged in Costa Rica, and the two were pictured standing on the sand by the beach.

Skriver usually looks just about perfect, but she spoke out to Elle about some of the misconceptions surrounding models.

“Being a model everybody’s like, ‘Oh, are you skinny by nature? Or do you starve yourself?’ No. We work hard for this. It doesn’t come naturally. Yes we’re born a certain way, but we still work hard in the gym, we work hard to get to our goals.”

And it’s clear that Josephine works hard at the gym. She often shares videos and photos of herself doing different workout routines. She also launched a YouTube and Instagram with her fellow model, Jasmine Tookes, and the two share lifestyle tips and blog.

Plus, when it comes to beauty, she mentioned that “You want your face to be a canvas, but you don’t want makeup to be a mask. You want makeup to be a beauty enhancer and to make you feel better or make you feel powerful.”

The model also noted that “If I could only do one thing to my face, I would do my brows.”