Guess The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Ending Correctly For A Chance To Win A Trip To Croatia

Predrag Vuckovic / Red Bull Photofiles via Getty images

A company that runs tours of Croatia, which is one of the countries where Game of Thrones filmed, is offering a free tour of that country and its Game of Thrones locations to a lucky fan. All they have to do is correctly guess the ending of the series.

The contest is being offered by Unforgettable Croatia, a London-based tourism company that runs cruises and other vacations in Croatia. To enter, participants are asked to describe their theory of how Game of Thrones ends in 1,000 characters or less. Those who guess correctly will be entered into a prize drawing to win the seven-day trip to Croatia.

The trip includes three nights in Split and four nights in Dubrovnik, along with five-star hotel accommodations. Winners will be able to visit Game of Thrones locations in both parts of the country.

Croatia, over the course of Game of Thrones’ run, was used as King’s Landing and the Riverlands, as well as Qarth and Braavos. In addition to Croatia, Spain was used to film Dorne, various forest scenes have been filmed in Northern Ireland, as was the Iron Islands, and places north of The Wall were filmed in Iceland. Winterfell is actually Doune Castle in Scotland.

The contest, which opened April 14, expires May 5, with the trip taking place in the fall. Presumably, those who work for HBO or the show won’t be eligible to participate in the contest.

The contest page lays out several possible endings for the show, from Danearys winning to Jon Snow becoming king to the wights running rampant after the death of the Night King and some other character becoming the new Night King. It’s not known exactly how “right” someone will have to be in order to be entered into the final drawing, as the contest is not merely about which character ends up on the Iron Throne.

The contest is “in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Game of Thrones or HBO,” the company said on its Facebook page.

A different company, called Game of Thrones Tours, runs multiple tours of the show’s locations in Croatia, Northern Ireland, and other places seen on the series, as do a variety of other companies in the tourism business.

There are five more episodes to go of Game of Thrones, with the series finale scheduled to air on HBO and its associated streaming platforms on May 19.