Glenn Beck Says French Government Will ‘Keep It Quiet’ If Notre Dame Fire Was A Terror Attack

George FreyGetty Images

Glenn Beck said on Tuesday that he believes if the Notre Dame fire was caused by terrorists, France will cover up the information to prevent further unrest in the country. On BlazeTV, per a YouTube post, the controversial host likened the fire to France’s 9/11 or losing the White House in the U.S. to terrorism, but believes that we may never know the truth.

While lamenting the loss of the artifacts and structure of Notre Dame, Beck presented his theory about the devastating fire, which gutted the internal structure of the cathedral and toppled the iconic spire.

“If this was arson, this is going to be bad. If this was arson of any foreign kind of in any foreign entity of anybody with a grudge I think if – and this is a huge if – it might have just been started by a cigarette, we don’t know. But if this was started by Islamists, I don’t think you’ll find out about it.”

“Because I think it would set the entire country on fire,” he added. “The tension is very high. This would be like us burning the White House.”

He continued his conspiracy speculation, suggesting that the French President Emmanuel Macron would want to suppress the truth because there is tension in the country already.

“If this was done by terrorists I think they will keep it quiet. I just don’t think Macron and France wants that internal fight. “

He also suggested that the fire could have been started by the yellow vest protesters reacting to a recent crackdown on their activity.

One of Beck’s guests agreed with his assessment, saying that the country wouldn’t want to bring the issue to a head. Chad Robichaux suggested that it could be Islamist extremists because they have a “history” of trying to erase other cultures’ history.

Co-host Sarah Gonzalez said maybe it had been a cigarette, but she doubted the validity of that explanation because you can’t smoke in the cathedral.

Beck added that he heard the burn went on for two hours before the fire department arrived, suggesting further that there could be a cover-up happening in France.

Co-host Stu Burguiere added that the yellow vests and other protesters have created an instability in the country and that this issue will be used as a political issue. No matter what the truth is, he said, the fire could be used to build a larger issue in the country.

Beck concluded that to the French, the devastating fire is like losing the White House would be to Americans.