Model Natalie Gauvreau Just Turned Instagram Into Cleavage And Mac & Cheese

Natalie GauvreauInstagram

Some things will never change. A topless model might rank highly for many men, but ribs and mac and cheese aren’t far behind.

April 16 brings all three from model and Instagram sensation Natalie Gauvreau. With a bio that introduces herself as “Sexy NatG,” this Toronto-based blonde knows her strengths. Nat’s most recent update might not show her face, but it’s offering plenty of alternatives.

The picture shows Natalie at a restaurant table. In front of her, a veritable feast of ribs, mac and cheese, slaw, and dips are enough to feed a small army. While many eyes are likely drawn toward the food, something else is also drawing attention. Nat is seen seated at the table in a cleavage-flaunting camouflage dress. With a plunging neckline and skin-tight material, this outfit isn’t for the faint-hearted. It also seems to be lacking a bra.

The caption throws slight shade at high-end eating joints. For Nat, a Michelin-starred restaurant might be “great,” but barbecues rank higher. The model presents the latter opinion as a question to her fans – have they ever tried it? Interestingly, one struggled to identify the centerpiece mac and cheese, as per their comment.

“what is the name of the dish in the center of yellow?”

Another fan quickly responded. “Mac & cheese,” they wrote.

Today’s update comes some months after The Inquisitr reported Natalie taking to Instagram in barely-there pink lingerie. With eye-popping cleavage, taut abs, bronzed skin, and a cheeky disposition, the post proved an immense success. It currently sits at over 100,000 likes.

While underwear snaps are high contenders on the engagement front, it’s Natalie’s topless posts that seem to perform best. Long blonde hair comes in handy for covering one’s modesty, but Natalie’s posts are out to toe the line. They’re riqsué, void of distraction, and ultimately quite humorous. The above snap came with a caption suggesting that Natalie would never “get away with murder.” The reason? Her hair would get “everywhere.”

Natalie has 3.7 million Instagram followers.

While many Instagram models follow upwards of 5,000 accounts, Natalie seems more selective. The 116 accounts Natalie follows don’t include any major Hollywood faces. No Kardashians are followed. Rather, Natalie opts to keep up with other models, lingerie brands, and the odd physician. Dr. Simon Ourian is followed. He is a cosmetic dermatologist. While this puts into question how natural Gauvreau’s assets are, fans don’t seem too offended.

Natalie has her own website. Posters seem to be the only available item for purchase. There is, however, the option to purchase an Instagram follow from her. Given Natalie’s popularity, one can only assume that this option receives a fair number of clicks.