Jenna Jameson Flaunts 80-Pound Weight Loss In Itty-Bitty Black Bikini

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Jenna Jameson is known in large part for her former adult film career as well as for an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother U.K. However, she is also known for making headlines in recent years for her troubled personal life. By all accounts, Jameson has put all of that previous drama behind her, and now she focuses on inspiring people by sharing the personal transformation she has gone through. Jenna’s latest Instagram post was designed to do just that.

As those who follow Jameson know, she has worked hard to lose 80 pounds in the last couple of years. Jenna’s latest Instagram post shares another side-by-side comparison showing her before and after and as usual, she opens up to share her personal experience and some motivation with her followers.

The first photo shows Jameson before her transformation. She is wearing a tiny black bikini and in her note, Jenna admitted that she hesitated to share that photo. However, Jameson opened up in acknowledging that she has been unhealthy both at heavier weights and at weights lower than where she is now, and she was not well in either case.

The second photo shows Jameson as she is now, with her trim figure coming in thanks to a lot of hard work, becoming sober, and following a keto diet. Jenna is wearing a black crop top that shows off her shoulders and taut abs along with tiny black bikini bottoms that accentuate her curves.

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Here goes nothing. #motivationmonday UUUGH. I didn’t want to post this before picture. But once I mulled it over in my mind, I realized how important normalizing women’s true bodies is. This is normal. This is beautiful. My transition to health has helped me realize a lot of my connection to “skinniness” was unhealthy. It’s very possible to be thin and frightening unhealthy. So thickness does not equate to being sick, but mine was. I was pre diabetic, and a literal sloth. I remember back when I weighed 80 lbs and was starving myself... I thought that was pretty at the time but had no clue. I’m now a healthy size 4 and can keep up with my kids. Hallelujah! So remember these #beforeandafter pictures aren’t just to show the esthetics of being slim, they show hard work and attention to my inside health. This is a years worth of recalibration and focus. So in closing, remember how important your precious health is... don’t stress on what is staring back at you in that mirror. #ketotransformation #ketodiet #beforeandafterweightloss #cellulite #keto #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #intermittentfasting

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Jameson is standing with one knee bent and one hip cocked to the side, and she has been frank in previous posts about how little tricks like this can make a big difference in showcasing the best angles of one’s figure. Jenna noted that she is a healthy size four now who can keep up with the kids, and she pointed out that achieving this has taken hard work both physically and internally with her mental health.

Another recent Instagram post showed Jameson wearing a sexy little dress and heels as she took a quick selfie before a date night. The flirty minidress was low cut to show off Jenna’s cleavage, and it was short enough to flaunt her muscular legs. She had her blonde hair cascading in waves over one shoulder and her fans loved the look.

Jenna Jameson not only posts to inspire people to get healthier, but she also interacts quite a bit with her Instagram followers as well. While she has been confident of herself at many stages of her life and career, she is clearly in a great place personally now, and her fans love to see how far she has come in the past couple of years.

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Quick date night. Gotta keep the spark alive ⚡️

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