Benedict Cumberbatch Hits Cyclist While Driving A Lamborghini, Gets Slapped By Victim

Ben StansallGetty Images

Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s visit to the Isle of Wight took a scary turn when he clipped a cyclist while driving a new, green Lamborghini on a narrow country road and got a surprise when he stopped to check on the man.

The Daily Mail says that while driving a new Lamborghini Urus 4×4 in Freshwater, Isle of Wight, Cumberbatch accidentally hit a cyclist, Michael Lawrence, 63, catching the side of his arm and knocking him off his bike.

When Cumberbatch pulled over to check on Lawrence, known as Scooby, the man jumped up and delivered a slap to the Doctor Strange actor before realizing who he was. A friend of Lawrence said that Cumberbatch is lucky he was only slapped because Scooby is “no shrinking violet.”

Lawrence’s arm caught Cumberbatch’s side mirror, according to a witness.

“He just put his arm over him and took the full force of the impact on his forearm, which smashed the wing mirror. It totally ruptured his arm. There was blood everywhere.”

A friend of the victim said that Lawrence responded without thinking.

“Scooby dusted himself off and, full of adrenaline, reacted as he knows best — by slapping him. That posh actor was lucky he didn’t throw a punch.”

Cumberbatch initially accused Lawrence was in the middle of the country lane at the time of the crash, but quickly changed his tune and offered to drive the injured man to the hospital after giving him bottled water to clean off the blood.

Friends of Lawrence said that he was stunned when he realized it was the Sherlock actor who had hit him.

“Scooby said he nearly had a heart attack.”

The two men exchanged information, and Cumberbatch did later report the incident to island police. Lawrence has not pressed charges yet, but friends say he was disappointed that he hadn’t heard from the actor since the crash.

Cumberbatch owns a home on the Isle of Wight and got married there on Valentine’s Day in 2015 to wife, Sophie, whose mother lives on the island.

Cumberbatch has most recently been working on several films, but hope is not lost that he could return for the fifth season of his popular series Sherlock, says The Inquisitr.

Fans have hung on every word from show creator Steven Moffat, who has said publicly that it’s not a matter of if, but when the show will return for a new season.