Yoga Bullies In School At Center Of Lawsuit Against District

Nathan Francis

Yoga bullies in school are at the center of a lawsuit from parents arguing that their children shouldn't be forced to attend yoga classes.

The yoga lawsuit, reported by The Inquisitr, is being called an issue of religious freedom. The family bringing the suit against the San Diego-area district claims that the school is failing to comply with the state's constitutional right to religious freedom, and making the students "religious guinea pigs" by having them participate.

The family claims that it is overtly religious to force students to take yoga, which is central to Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, and metaphysical beliefs and practices.

"This is frankly the clearest case of the state trampling on the religious freedom rights of citizens that I have personally witnessed in my 18 years of practice as a constitutional attorney," said Dean Broyles, attorney for the family that brought the lawsuit.

But there is more than religious freedom at state, the Atlantic Wire points out. There are also yoga bullies in the school who have teased students who opted out of the yoga courses, the report stated.

"We have one little girl whose classmates told her her parents are stupid because she opted out. That's not supposed to happen in our schools," Broyles told the Star.

Broyles added that the yoga bullies in school aren't just students. The instructors leading the students through the series of yoga poses are also force-feeding them religious dogma, he said, nothing that the Ashtanga style used is a religious-based yoga.

Do you think there are really yoga bullies in the school, or is this lawsuit without merit?