Wrestler Kylie Rae Flashes Coachella Sideboob And Booty In Tiny Daisy Dukes

Kylie Ray
Kylie Ray / Instagram

Kylie Rae is as intimidating as she is seductive.

On April 14, the wrestler and model took to Instagram for a quadruple whammy update. With a caption suggesting that Coachella has “really kicked” her backside, Rae is also doing a good job flaunting it.

Kylie’s tiny denim daisy dukes are cut off. They’re showing some major behind – something that’s accentuated by the picture being shot from below. Looking down at the camera with a smile, Rae seems happy and confident as she totes a fur monochrome backpack to match her barely-there string top. A flash of sideboob adds the finishing touches.

The second picture shows Rae in full Coachella swing. With a grassy setting and other festival revelers in the background, the snap once again showcases the furs and denims, but Rae’s muscular left arm is the focal point. A large tattoo covers most of it. A little gothic and definitely grunge, the body ink comes as a mysterious female face. Rae’s own face is looking up toward the sky. There’s no outfit change for the third and fourth snaps, but neither is lacking the variety element. Taking sideboob into underboob, the final photos show Kylie both pensive and mischievous. In the final snap, Kylie is winking, sticking out her tongue, and throwing fans “peace sign” fingers.

Fans aren’t holding back with their comments. One uses the “fire” phrase favored by Astroworld rapper Travis Scott.

“i honestly don’t know how someone can be this fire.”

Another fan suggests meeting Kylie at Coachella “next weekend.”

The celebrity-adored music festival hasn’t been short of famous faces this year. On April 14, The Inquisitr reported supermodel Gigi Hadid indulging in McDonald’s fries at Coachella. Kylie Jenner marked her arrival with a private plane arrival via Instagram. From Bella Thorne and Kendall Jenner to Alessandra Ambrosio and Selena Gomez, this annual event is proving more star-studded with each passing year.


Sun-drenched outdoor shots are nothing new for Kylie Rae. Neither is flaunting a little cleavage. On March 24, Rae took to Instagram at Pal Norte – the Mexican music festival may be less high-profile than Coachella, but it’s sufficiently known. Fans once again saw this wrestler’s love of denim shorts.

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Admired for the body she may be, but Kylie has something else going for her. It’s called having an eye-catching face, baby-blue eyes, and a captivating gaze. Face snaps may not rack up as many likes, but they’re hardly unpopular. Kylie has 2.7 million Instagram followers. They include models Sara Underwood and Sommer Ray. Kylie herself follows major faces, including Miley Cyrus, Cardi B, and supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid.