Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Carly Meets Michael’s New Girl Sasha

Craig SjodinABC Press

There is a romance blooming on General Hospital between Michael Corinthos and Sasha Gilmore. Previews reveal that they are getting closer in the coming days. Michael hasn’t had anyone in his life since Nelle Hayes, and fans have been rooting for him to find a little happiness with someone special. However, Sasha is also full of secrets. Then there is Carly, Michael’s mother, who has no problem sticking her nose into her son’s love life. What will she do when she meets his new girl?

The first meeting between the two women in Michael’s life will be sometime this week, according to Soap Central. There are no details on what that meeting will be like, but Carly may not like the fact that she is associated with Valentin Cassadine. Even though Sasha isn’t his blood relative, it’s likely that she won’t be too keen on their relationship at all.

Carly is super-protective of her kids, especially Michael. She seems to have a good sense about people. Will she detect something fishy about Sasha? If she does, then there is a good chance that she will end up snooping into her past. After all, she was curious enough to go into detective mode to find out who the other person was at Ferncliff during her stay there. Of course, that was Ryan Chamberlain, who ended up kidnapping her, throwing her down an embankment, and leaving her to die.

If she starts digging around into Sasha’s past, that would not make Valentin very happy. However, Carly may just be too wrapped up in other things to notice that Sasha may not be who she claims to be. She is expecting another baby with Sonny, which is bound to make her more emotional than usual. General Hospital spoilers say that Carly will be moved to tears. That seems to be an indication that it will have something to do with Oscar.

The teen only has days to live and Carly has been trying to comfort Joss through it. It may prove to be too much for her. Sonny is expected to step in to help distract his pregnant wife. Sasha could also be a distraction from Oscar’s situation as well.

Sasha has been on the verge many times of confessing to Nina that she isn’t her real daughter. If she and Michael grow closer, her guilt may just prove to be too much. She could still spill the truth if she falls for Michael. Of course, it never is quite that simple on soaps.

Keep watching General Hospital this week to see Carly sizing up Michael’s new girl.