Cowboys Fan Loses Bet, Names Son Robert Griffin

A Cowboys fan will name her son Robert Griffin after losing a Thanksgiving Day bet to her boyfriend, a diehard fan of her rival Washington Redskins.

Marissa Pena is a 31-year-old Cowboys fan, and decided to bet her boyfriend, Emanuel Vega, about the outcome of the teams’ meeting on Thanksgiving Day, ESPN noted. The Redskins took the game 38-31, and as a result the Cowboys fan must name their son Robert Griffin.

The real Robert Griffin III had a big part of helping Vega win the bet. He threw for 311 yards and four touchdowns, leading the Redskins to a 28-point second quarter that Dallas could not recover from.

“I thought that was cool, our first official relationship game on Thanksgiving of all days,” Vega told The Washington Post. “She thought it was cool too, so we needed some kind of bet. She said the loser would wear the jersey of the other team on the last game of the season at a Redskins bar. That would be horrible for me. That would be horrible.”

Apparently the name of their unborn son was much easier to put at stake than wearing a jersey to a bar. The couple argued for a while over what names would be on the line, but they eventually settled for Robert Griffin III vs. Miles Austin, a wide receiver for the Cowboys.

The bet was serious business for the couple.

“I was second-guessing the whole time, like, What am I thinking?” Vega said. “If she’s gonna name him after a Cowboys player, there’s no doubt he would be a Cowboys fan. My son, as a Cowboys fan? I might have to disown him.”

The Cowboys fan will pay up on the bet in April, when Robert Griffin is due.