WWE News: Full Recap Of All Superstar Shake-Up Moves After Tonight’s ‘Raw’ – ‘SmackDown’ And NXT Stars Move


It wasn’t exactly another draft, but it was the next best thing for the fans of WWE as the 2019 Superstar Shake-Up began on Monday Night Raw. Things are going to continue through Tuesday night’s SmackDown Live, but it’s time to check out who ended up moving to the Red Brand on Monday evening. Not only did some superstars head over from Team Blue, but some NXT superstars sailed their way up to the main roster.

The full recap of Raw was released by the official website of WWE, and it detailed all of the action from Monday night. Of course, there were some really good matches and storyline advancement, but the focus of the night was on the Superstar Shake-Up and who was going to end up wrestling on Monday nights.

Of course, there may be additional moves that take place on WWE’s website or social media tonight and into tomorrow. That has been known to happen from time to time, but here is what actually took place during the show and for all to see.

The very first move of the night for Monday Night Raw was a big one and it came with a lot of awesome energy. Attacking Shane McMahon and making his way from Tuesday to Monday was none other than The Miz.

After the arrival of The Miz, the next move was the arrival of the NXT Tag Team Champion War Raiders to the main roster and Raw. There is one big difference, though, and it’s that they also received a new name and will now be known as The Viking Experience.

While Raw announcers did mention that The Viking Experience are the current NXT Tag Champs, there was no mention of what will happen with the belts. The two big men did not bring the titles with them to Raw.

The next move saw Cedric Alexander transfer from 205 Live to Raw to bring some high-flying moves and lumbar checks to Monday nights.

After the announcement of Alexander, a new couple arrived on Raw with the Monday night debut of Andrade and Zelina Vega. Immediately, Andrade picked up a huge victory by defeating WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor in a non-title match.

Throughout the rest of the night, there were plenty of big moves made and the roster of Monday Night Raw became much stronger. While things may seem good now, a lot can change tomorrow night once SmackDown gets its turn to shake things up.

Here is the final list of Superstar Shake-Up moves for SmackDown Live to Raw:

  • The Miz
  • The Viking Experience – Ivar and Erik
  • Cedric Alexander
  • Andrade and Zelina Vega
  • Rey Mysterio
  • The Usos – Jimmy and Jey
  • Naomi
  • Eric Young
  • AJ Styles
  • Aleister Black – officially
  • Ricochet – officially
  • EC3 – officially
  • Lacey Evans – officially
  • Lars Sullivan – officially

At one point, WWE showed a graphic detailing who had been moved to Raw so far, but it was odd. Eric Young of SAnitY was in the picture even though not having been mentioned before, and The Viking Experience was not shown.