‘Playboy’ Model Lindsey Pelas Is Busting Out Of Her Bra And Instagram Can’t Deal

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Lindsey Pelas has gotten popular. It isn’t rocket science why.

April 15 brings Lindsey’s 8.7 million Instagram followers an update. It’s sun-drenched, cleavage-flaunting, and nothing short of eye-popping. The blonde bombshell is flaunting her ample assets via a sheer-black sports bra with criss-cross lacing. Just about containing what’s inside, the bra might match the pink-piped leggings, but fans are likely more focused on the picture’s top half.

Shot from the hip up, Pelas is putting her abs on show. Playboy models aren’t primarily adored for their muscles, though.

Fan comments are suggesting a slight inability to cope with what they’re seeing. One reply directly questions the sports bra’s abilities.

“Your top looks like it’s going to break in half.”

While that may be the case, Lindsey doesn’t appear to be paying much attention. With her lips puckered into a pout, Pelas appears to be kissing a protein bar. Her caption puts the kiss into words. Lindsey questions how the 1stPhorm snack can taste so good. She then recalls “years” of wandering grocery stores in the hunt for the perfect protein bar. An inner monologue ensures. The result appears to be a full endorsement of 1stPhorm’s products. While the post itself appears to avoid advertising its promotional status, Pelas does introduce her 1stPhorm partnership in her Instagram bio.

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Dear #1stphorm Level-1 chocolate crunch protein bar, ⁣ ⁣ How do you taste so good? For years I’ve walked down the nutrition aisles at the grocery store and picked up protein bars thinking they’d be a great idea. Convenient, price effective, full of protein? Sure. But they all tasted the same. Just imagine if chalk and playdoh had a baby and put some sweet and low in it...lol... but then you came along... in your chocolate crunch, peanut butter lover and salted caramel flavors... that’s when I knew you were the one. ⁣ ⁣ Thanks @1stphorm for your 20g of protein in every bar. Thanks for making my life more convenient. Most of all, thanks for contributing to my mission of growing a bum. You’ve really outdone yourself. ⁣ ⁣ Xoxo ⁣ Lindsey (and her a$$) ⁣???? ⁣ ⁣

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The Louisiana-born model has been teasing her fans with sexy social media pictures for quite some time. On April 13, The Inquisitr reported Lindsey taking to Instagram for a rear-flaunting snap that managed to double up as a sideboob shot. From the girl whose bio states that she is “genetically gifted,” this is one model who puts her money where her mouth is.

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pinch me I’m bored ????????

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While many Instagram models err on the generic side, Pelas manages to throw her fans enough natural shots between the promotions. Her March 16 update might lack the glam squad feel, but the glowing lingerie shot is proving a winner on the popularity front. This simple sunny snap sits at over 230,000 likes. That’s four-fold the number of likes compared to a 1stPhorm promo pic made just two days later.

Ogled she may be, but Pelas has a surprisingly high non-sexual fanbase. Today’s update saw fans with female-looking profile pictures tell her she had “nailed it.” A male user appearing to be named Peter even thanked Lindsey for having “introduced” him to the “yummy” protein bars.

If 1stPhorm has any business sense, they’ll keep hiring this lady.