Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Michael Talks To Willow, Brad Covers For Shiloh, & Cam’s Chastised

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital fans in the United States were left hanging on Monday, as the episode that was supposed to air on April 15 got pushed out to Tuesday. ABC was carrying news coverage of the Notre Dame fire in Paris for the full hour, and the network had to make a last-minute scheduling change. The episode did air in Canada, however, so some juicy spoilers regarding what goes down have emerged via social media.

As The Inquisitr detailed, viewers in the U.S. won’t miss a thing, as the April 15 show will air in its entirety on Tuesday. Those in Canada who saw the new episode on Monday will get an encore show on Tuesday.

Spoilers had teased that Willow would feel frantic over something and make a call to somebody, and many General Hospital fans guessed that it would be Michael she would need to see. It seems that’s exactly the case, and it happens because Willow saw Brad talking with Lucas about Dawn of Day.

It seems that Lucas won’t be particularly impressed by what he hears about DOD, but Brad is getting rather involved. Naturally, this will panic Willow. General Hospital spoilers emerging via Twitter reveal that Willow will tell Michael she’ll talk with Kristina about her experience, as long as it’s nowhere near Shiloh. She’ll admit that she might do something drastic if she sees Shiloh.

As Willow and Michael talk, General Hospital spoilers share that she’ll explain how she ended up sleeping with Shiloh after her own DOD initiation. Posts via Twitter explain that Willow will tell Michael Shiloh is good at making the ladies in this position think that this is what they want, and Michael will come to realize it was at this point that Willow became pregnant.

Willow will tell Michael that Shiloh was the first man she had ever been with and he will piece things together and realize that Shiloh was the biological father of the baby she lost. As far as Michael has known until now, the baby had died. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Willow will tell Michael that the baby actually lived.

Of course, viewers know that Wiley did actually die, but Willow doesn’t know that. It also seems that for now, Michael won’t make the connection that Willow placed her baby for adoption with Brad and Lucas.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers detail that Cameron will face questions from Elizabeth over some bruises on his face. He’s facing a suspension at school, and soon he’ll admit that he got into a fight because someone used the phrase “fairy boy” in referring to Aiden.

Elizabeth will talk with Cameron about how it may turn out that Aiden is gay, but that he’s young and they’re not imposing any kind of label on him. She’ll tell Cam that their job is to love and support Aiden no matter what, but Cameron will say something about wanting Aiden to seem “less gay.”

General Hospital spoilers share that this reaction will not go over well with Liz. As the week progresses, viewers can expect to see this lead to a tough conversation between Franco and Cameron and more angst within the family.

This next episode also brings drama with the cup Jason took from the DOD attic, as executive producer Frank Valentini teased via Twitter that Jason would ask Elizabeth a favor that could put her job at risk. General Hospital spoilers reveal that after Jason asks Liz for help, the cup ends up with Brad for testing. However, this plan implodes when Shiloh sees it and talks Brad into lying about what had been in it as he suggests that Jason wants to tear down DOD.

Brad will tell Jason and Elizabeth that there were no traces of drugs in the cup and hand it back to Jason. General Hospital spoilers suggest that it won’t take Jason long to become suspicious that Brad may have lied, but for now, he’ll be left somewhat surprised to hear the cup supposedly just had regular tea in it.

The next episode will also have drama related to Nina, Spencer, and Valentin, as well as some interaction between Sam and Daisy. General Hospital spoilers indicate that the two women will look through Kristina’s room at DOD in hopes of finding clues about where she is, and Daisy will crypically warn Sam that Kristina could face serious ramifications for trying to walk away from “The Trust.”

General Hospital spoilers tease that despite the disruption, the episodes airing this week will contain plenty of drama. Fans are buzzing over everything that’s currently developing and will be anxious to see what goes down next.