‘Knightfall’ Season 2: Recap of Episode 4, ‘Equal Before God’

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Welcome to the recap for Episode 4 (titled “Equal Before God”) of Knightfall Season 2.

SPOILER ALERT: This recap contains information about Episode 4 (titled “Equal Before God”) of History Channel’s Knightfall Season 2. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed this episode and wish to avoid spoilers.

Episode 4 of Knightfall Season 2 opens with Landry (Tom Cullen) being accepted once more in the Knights Templar. Once his robe and sword are returned to him, though, there are other issues that must be addressed when an injured member of another religious group turns up at their doorstep to announce the death of the Pope.

Gabriel (Sam Hoare) is a member of the Lapinites of Saint Lazarus, a group that consists of godly people who also have leprosy. This is an issue for Rhone, who believes his sister was killed by a leper, but he does eventually come around in the latest episode of Knightfall to see that they are good people.

Gabriel also announces his belief that Pope Boniface (Jim Carter) was murdered by King Philip (Ed Stoppard), which adds another layer of discussion for the Templars as they talk about what to do. However, a decision is made to do nothing until a new Pope is assigned.

In the royal court, the latest episode of Season 2 of Knightfall sees preparations being made to attack the Templars, even though, as Hollywood Life points out, the king is still not entirely sure of Gawain’s capabilities. Regardless, they are also planning to return and wipe out the Lapinites of Saint Lazarus. So, when Landry’s group return to Gabriel’s home, they are present when this attack happens. As a result of this, the Templars manage to outmaneuver King Philip’s group, headed by Gawain (Padraic Delaney).

Needless to say, though, they realize that they need to regather and plan for further attacks on their religious group.

Talus (Mark Hamill) also has a discussion with Landry that sees the older Templar admit that children should be with their families, and when the group splits up as they plan for war in Episode 4 of Knightfall Season 2, Talus sends Landry to retrieve his daughter, Eve.

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William DeNogaret (Julian Ovenden) suggests that the king make an announcement about the Templar attacks on newborns after rumors start to circulate. The woman who lost her family in last week’s episode of Knightfall is brought to court and publicly speaks about the ordeal. King Philip then responds by offering compensation to any who are attacked by the Templars and the groundwork is set regarding turning the common people against the Knights Templar.

The plan is working rather well until the woman recognizes Prince Louis (Tom Forbes) as one of those that murdered her husband and child in Episode 3 of Knightfall Season 2. As soon as she accuses Louis of the heinous acts, Louis rushes forward and starts shouting over the top of her shrieking, stating that she is hysterical with grief and leads her from the room. He also vows to bring down the Templars for what they have done, further perpetuating his father’s propaganda against the religious group.

While viewers suspect this woman would then be killed by Prince Louis, it turns out to be a cathartic event for the troubled prince. Taking the woman to a private location, he then unburdens himself of all the horrible acts his father has requested of him. Once he does this, he finds himself able to bed his wife once more and Princess Margaret of Burgundy (Clementine Nicholson) will now be able to stop worrying about the fact that she is childless.

Knightfall returns to the History Channel with Episode 5 (titled “Road to Chartres”) on Monday, April 22, at 10 p.m. History Channel lists the following synopsis for this episode.

“Landry reunites with his daughter, only to be separated once again. Growing impatient with DeNogaret’s legal strategy, King Philip prepares his army for war. Margaret discovers one of Prince Louis’ dark secrets.”