Jen Selter Puts Her Booty On Display In Thong Bikini & Lays Down In Front Of Snowy Landscape On Instagram

David BeckerGetty Images

While many people were busy this past weekend at Coachella Music Festival, Jen Selter opted to be in a winter wonderland in Austria. Prior to her arrival at a ski resort, Jen was spotted in Cologne, Germany. It’ll be interesting to see what else she has in store for 2019.

With that being said, her Austria trip has afforded her many amazing photo ops that she took advantage of. She shared three photos of herself bundled up in ski gear and posing in the snow, and then transitioned to sharing three updates of herself in skimpy bikinis in front of the snow.

Her newest Instagram post shows her laying on her stomach on a bench, and behind her was a blue pond, white-capped mountains, and a lodge. In contrast to the snowy backdrop, Selter looked ready for summer in a white bikini ensemble. It consisted of a bandeau style top and a thong-cut bottom. Because she laid on her stomach, her derrière was left exposed and she peeked at the camera with her left eye. She laid her head on her arms and pointed her toes.

In addition, Selter shared several Instagram Stories that revealed that she’s already returned to NYC. She shared a panned video from her apartment with floor-to-wall ceilings, and you could see the city skyline in the backdrop.

Jen seemed excited about being back home, but that’s not too surprising since she admitted that she had been enjoying a bit of a homeboy in a previous Instagram post. The social media star sat on the edge of a blue sofa in lingerie while partially covering herself with a pink sweater.

And while Selter enjoys immense success as a fitness model, it wasn’t always easy for her. She revealed some of her prior struggles with Women’s Health Magazine.

“Have you seen the film Mean Girls? It was like that. There was a group of girls who had a Facebook group and they would talk crap about everyone, and I was in it. They would write really cruel things like ‘she’s so ugly’ and ‘she looks like an animal’. I’d go home and cry. I was always sad. Thank god it didn’t change who I am.”

Plus, Jen noted that when she started out, “There weren’t many others to look up to and I couldn’t find any fitness photos online, so at the gym I thought ‘I’ll take some and post them on the internet.'”