‘General Hospital’ Scheduling Update: ABC Moves Episode Out, Monday’s Show Preempted By Paris Notre Dame Fire

Craig SjodinABC

Fans of General Hospital were anxious to watch Monday’s episode, especially after the new weekly sneak peek that the show shared on Twitter. Just as the April 15 episode was set to begin airing in many parts of the country, ABC broke in to report on the fire in Paris that is decimating the Notre Dame cathedral. What will ABC do about this GH episode? Viewers were left hanging for most of the hour, but now it looks like Monday’s show will be pushed to Tuesday.

When ABC first broke away to the Notre Dame fire, General Hospital fans stayed tuned to the network to see how long the preemption would last. Unfortunately, viewers watched as Notre Dame fire coverage continued and answers about the GH episode remained elusive.

After the coverage had continued for some time, ABC executive Nathan Varni took to Twitter to share what he could with General Hospital fans. He noted that they were currently monitoring the situation and working through their options.

Many General Hospital fans know that ABC does make each day’s episode available online after it airs as well as via Hulu. However, those options aren’t always available to people. Sometimes networks go with airing a missed episode in the wee hours overnight, and this tends to leave viewers frustrated.

“#GH program update: we’re currenting monitoring ABC news coverage of the Notre Dame fire in Paris. We will have an update soon re: today’s episode and when it will air.”

Toward the end of the hour, an update was shared via the show’s Twitter page. They detailed that they would move Monday’s episode, airing it on Tuesday instead. That is often the route they take when a full show is preempted, but that also throws off schedules for the network, especially in relation to big Friday cliffhangers.

As for Canadian viewers, they will be getting an encore episode on Tuesday rather than the previously scheduled show.

Given all of the heavy-duty storylines playing out right now, viewers didn’t want to worry about having missed any of the action. Luckily, now everybody can breathe easy knowing that they won’t miss a thing.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, Monday’s episode was slated to show a lot regarding Kristina, Shiloh, and Dawn of Day. In addition, Willow would be reaching out and anxious to talk with someone, and Spencer would try to talk to Nina about Valentin. Cameron will step up to try to protect Aiden, and Valentin is going to great lengths to keep Charlotte with him in Lulu’s absence.

Viewers were frustrated through much of the preempted episode, anxious for news from ABC detailing what they would do about Monday’s missed episode. Now it’s official that the April 15 General Hospital show will be pushed to Tuesday, and nobody will miss any of the chaos slated to go down throughout Port Charles.