Weekly ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael And Sasha Grow Closer As Romances Blossom Throughout Port Charles

Craig Sjodin/Todd WawrychukABC

A new sneak peek teases that romance is in the air throughout Port Charles during the week of April 15. General Hospital spoilers from the new clip suggest that Michael will become increasingly smitten with Sasha, as established couples like Elizabeth and Franco may share some tender moments as well.

The new preview clip was shared via the show’s Twitter page on Monday morning. It teases that everybody in Port Charles will be anxious to thaw out after the long winter and that love will be blossoming throughout town.

General Hospital spoilers via Soap Central detail that Michael will spend more time with Sasha this week. In fact, it looks like viewers will be seeing quite a bit of Michael during the next few episodes. He’ll remain involved in trying to help Kristina and support Willow and his involvement will lead him to make some connections and show his understanding and passionate side.

Michael won’t just be focused on the needs of his family, though. General Hospital spoilers detail that he will spend time with Sasha and the sneak peek teases that he’ll shyly ask if she might perhaps like him. Another scene in the clip shows the two starting to embrace and moving in close as if they may share a kiss.

Of course, pairing Michael with Sasha is probably going to be a rather controversial move among fans. Michael’s last romance was with Nelle, and that didn’t end well. In fact, Michael’s history with women is filled with sad tales and broken hearts. Not only was he left crushed by Nelle’s schemes, but he also faced sorrow after relationships with Sabrina, Kiki, Starr, and Abby.

Now, the General Hospital writers are nudging Sasha and Michael together, all while developing the storyline that she is in Port Charles on false pretenses. It will eventually come out that she collaborated with Valentin to pretend she was Nina’s biological daughter, and it’s hard to imagine that Michael won’t be bothered by that.

A lot of viewers have been rooting for Michael to end up with either Willow or Maxie, but at least for now, both of those ladies are pursuing romance with others. Will fans embrace the idea of Michael and Sasha together, and could this romance redeem Sasha’s other misdeeds?

The weekly General Hospital sneak peek also teases romance for several other Port Charles couples. In actuality, it seems that the scenes included are all moments that have already aired, but they do give fans hope for some light and romantic moments for pairs like Elizabeth and Franco, Kevin and Laura, along with Sam and Jason.

Things are really taking off for Willow and Chase, and despite worries about Kristina and Josslyn, Carly and Sonny are doing pretty well right now too. Viewers are still waiting for Finn to propose to Anna, and it does look as if Maxie and Peter will slowly progress in their new romance.

Can the writers pull off a lasting and successful romance involving Michael and Sasha? General Hospital spoilers suggest that the week of April 15 will be jam-packed with romance, drama, and chaos, and viewers have a lot to look forward to over the next few days.