‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: Shiloh Causes Scrambling, Ava Maneuvers, & Oscar’s Condition Worsens

Todd WawrychukABC

General Hospital spoilers tease that the next couple of weeks will be wild ones in Port Charles. Jason got Kristina away from Dawn of Day before her initiation, but that move is going to spark a lot of chaos. Ava is determined to face off with Ryan, believing he is still alive, and Oscar’s condition is steadily declining.

According to She Knows Soaps, the week of April 15 will focus heavily on Shiloh and his Dawn of Day crew. The cup from the DOD attic will make its way from Jason to Elizabeth to Brad, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that Shiloh will see it with Brad and manage to eliminate the cup as a threat to him.

It seems that Sam will continue to keep Shiloh fooled, and Willow will reach out to Kristina to try to help. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Michael will be involved as all of this progresses, and it sounds like he will make some connections. There will be a lot of angst and debate this week as Sonny, Jason, and Alexis try to decide how to handle this complicated situation.

Ava is certain that Ryan is still alive, and she’s going to try to fake a new romance in hopes that Ryan will get jealous and reveal himself. General Hospital spoilers hint that Ryan may already be back in Port Charles keeping an eye on her, and it looks like Ava may find that her plan doesn’t progress as she had hoped.

Aiden will face fresh bullying at school, prompting Cameron to get angry and step in to protect his little brother. General Hospital spoilers share that Cameron won’t react well to Elizabeth and Franco’s concerns, and this will be a rather tender situation.

Oscar’s condition will seemingly continue to decline, causing a lot of emotional upheaval for Josslyn, Carly, Kim, and Drew. Olivia will prepare the Quartermaine mansion for Kim and Oscar’s arrival, and viewers can expect a harsh interaction soon between Joss and Cam.

General Hospital spoilers for the next two weeks also tease that Mac will be angry over something, and Lulu will return home to fight a new custody battle with Valentin. In addition, Nina will be shocked, and Margaux will make a confession of sorts.

Soap Central notes that Spencer will run into a roadblock of some nature, Willow will be hiding the truth in some way, and Sasha will be spending more time with Michael again. General Hospital spoilers hint that all of this chaos will pave the way to some big twists and turns and buzzworthy revelations, and fans cannot wait to watch it all play out.