‘One Piece’ Episode 880 Spoilers, Recap: Dragon, Revolutionary Army Declare War Against World Government


One Piece Episode 880 gave an introduction of the Reverie – the meeting of 50 leaders from various kingdoms who are affiliated with the World Government. Some of the Strawhat Pirates’ friends and allies are set to attend the major event that is only held every four years, including Princess Vivi of the Alabasta Kingdom, Princess Shirahoshi of the Ryugu Kingdom, Princess Viola, and Princess Rebecca of Dressrosa.

While the World Government is busy escorting the world leaders and their families to the Holy Land Mary Geoise, Strawhat Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon, and the Revolutionary Army have started making preparations for their plan to declare war against the Celestial Dragons. After Emperor Blackbeard and his grand fleet destroyed Baltigo, Dragon relocated their new headquarters to the Kamabakka Kingdom, an island ruled by Emporio Ivankov.

Aside from Dragon and Ivankov, One Piece Episode 880 also featured several familiar faces in the Kamabakka Kingdom. These include Strawhat Luffy’s sworn brother Sabo, Koala, Hack, and Inazuma. Before officially starting the meeting, Dragon decided to wait for four of the Revolutionary Army captains, including Karasu, the commander of the North Army, who ate a devil fruit that enables him to transform and control crows; Belo Betty, the commander of the East Army, who ate a devil fruit that can inspire people to fight; Morley, the commander of the West Army, who ate a devil fruit that gives him the power to move underground; and Lindbergh, the commander of the South Army, who came from the mink tribe.

Though they were just introduced, One Piece Episode 880 already featured the four Revolutionary Army captains in action. Before they headed to the Kamabakka Kingdom, Karasu, Belo Betty, Morley, and Lindbergh stopped by a nearby island to help the people being attacked by Emperor Blackbeard’s subordinate Peachbeard, a pirate with 52 million berries on his head. The four captains demonstrated their power and easily defeated Peachbeard and his men.

Belo Betty told the people of Lulucia Kingdom to hand Peachbeard over to the World Government so they could get the reward. Belo Betty also gave them the contacts of the Revolutionary Army, saying that they could call them whenever they need help. The final scenes of One Piece Episode 880 showed Sabo getting ready to infiltrate the Holy Land Mary Geoise.

One Piece Episode 880 also featured Strawhat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy worrying about his sworn brother Sabo. As of now, Luffy has no idea what happened to Sabo after Emperor Blackbeard and his grand fleet attacked Baltigo. Luffy tried to ask Nami and Carrot to look for some information about the Revolutionary Army in the newspaper, but they failed to get new updates.