Here Is Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Birth Announcement Solution As They Fear ‘Leaks’

Yui MokGetty Images

The arrival of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby is imminent.

On April 15, royal commentator Christine Ross shed some light on how the baby announcement is likely to pan out. As The Daily Express reports, the royal couple had initially planned to keep details of the birth private, but “any potential leak from medical staff” is now a reality they must battle.

“When you think about it, no matter who is there, the midwives might mention it to their husbands who tells their friend at football practice whose cousin happens to be a Daily Mail reporter and then it’s everywhere.”

The British newspaper quotes Ross regarding the delicacy of the situation. With the media lens sharply focused on Markle and her bump, the birth process is set to receive coverage on a microscopic level. Ross has confirmed that Meghan and Harry will announce their baby’s birth “within hours.”

“I really think they can’t wait too long,” she added.

Unwanted media leaks are as much feared by royals as they are by Hollywood celebrities. In 2018, Kim Kardashian called leaked information regarding her surrogate “a sh*tshow,” per Elle. The family had gone all-out to keep the identity of the woman carrying their child a secret. While Meghan and Harry’s lives aren’t broadcast onto a reality show, daily headlines regarding the pregnancy aren’t far off a makeshift one.

Meghan and Harry announced their pregnancy in October 2018. Last week, Buckingham Palace issued a statement on behalf of the prince and Duchess of Sussex. It sent out gratitude toward all members of the public whose “goodwill” has been appreciated since the October 2018 announcement. The above-mentioned report from The Daily Express continues to quote Christine Ross. Her take is that the couple recognize not having “a ton of time to themselves” as comments from the public can unleash rumors.

April 15 already comes with former royal aide Dickie Arbiter “shutting down” suggestions that Meghan has already given birth, The Daily Mail reports.

“We’ll know in due course when the baby is born. Harry and Meghan made it very clear the birth is going to be private.”

Speaking on Australia’s Today Extra, Arbiter warned that believing news that Markle has already had the baby is akin to believing “anything.”

The aforementioned comment from Christine Ross further states that Prince Harry has accumulated “enough experience” to know that keeping the baby news under wraps for a “long time” is unlikely to be possible. She suggests that the couple may be able to “take some time to themselves,” but that containing news of their newborn baby wouldn’t be sustainable for “days or weeks on end.”

An announcement “within hours” will likely please fans.