Leaked Images Reveal ‘All-Digital’ Xbox One That Has No Disc Drive

Amidst rumors that Microsoft will be unveiling a new Xbox One console that is said to be entirely digital, Gamespot can report that images leaked online may confirm it as a reality.

The new “All-Digital” Xbox will contain no disc drive, according to German website WinFuture, which posted the image showing a console similar to the Xbox One S with no slot for game discs. The console is expected to cost around €230, or about $260. This is a slight increase to the current Xbox One S which retails at around $200. However, prices stated have yet to be officially confirmed.

The reports indicate that the console will contain no optical drive, but instead will focus entirely on digital downloads for gaming and other media and will likely be launched with a 1TB hard drive as standard to accommodate for this.

Microsoft states on Xbox.com that they will be holding an hour-long event online – known as “Inside Xbox” – on April 16 in which they will be discussing “the latest news on E3.” They also say they’ll be looking to make several announcements on up-and-coming games, including Rage 2 and the anniversary update for Sea Of Thieves.

They also state that they are looking to make “a handful of exciting Back Compat announcements,” and “several surprises we’re saving for the show itself.” Reporters are hoping the company will be confirming details about the new console.

The event will begin at 2 p.m. PT and 5 p.m. ET.

Similar images were also tweeted on April 13 showing box art for the alleged new console, complete with the words “Disc-free gaming” on the cover and a list of game titles, such as Minecraft, Sea Of Thieves and Forza Horizon, which could suggest the digital Xbox comes as part of a bundle deal.

The images shown also depict an age rating of 12, which is in line with the Pan European Gaming Information (PEGI) ratings board – the European equivalent of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

As well as additional images, the tweet states that a European launch date of May 7, 2019, could be in the pipeline, though this could also be the same launch date for the U.S. as well.

Currently no details have yet to be officially announced by Microsoft or the Xbox team, but there have been additional rumors about another console, which has been referred to as the Xbox One M. At this point, it’s difficult to know whether this will be the title of the new “All-Digital” console or possibly something else entirely.

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