Missouri Woman’s Confidence Destroyed When A Botched Microblading Procedure Left Her With Four Eyebrows


Microblading has become a popular procedure for women and men who want to tame their eyebrows. The painful process involves tattooing a person’s eyebrows on in the shape and thickness they desire. Jami Ledbetter is a Missouri mom-of-three who decided to go to a licensed technician to try out the procedure for herself in hopes of achieving a fuller brow.

The results were disastrous. The technician botched the procedure leaving Jami with four eyebrows. Since the incident, Jami has shared a photo of her botched brows to raise awareness about the potential risks of the procedure. The photo has since gone viral, according to WRAL News.

Five months ago, Jami went to a technician who claimed to be certified to do the microblading procedure. Somehow, the tattooed eyebrows ended up far above Jami’s real eyebrows, leaving her with a startling appearance. While she can laugh about what happened now, she certainly didn’t think it was funny when the incident occurred. Her confidence was low and she even lost her boyfriend following the accident. The botched brows were so pronounced that she couldn’t cover them with makeup.

“I was devastated. I was even dating a guy, and he stopped dating me at that point,” she said.

Unfortunately, the procedure to fix the damage is just as painful as the original process and doesn’t guarantee immediate results.

Jami went to a new technician, Kara Gutierrez, who is both certified and licensed in permanent cosmetics. Kara told Jami that she could remove the botched brows using a pigment lightening process. However, it wasn’t going to be much fun and it would take time to see a difference. The product Kara uses is called Lift and it is essentially applied by puncturing the skin. The pigment is supposed to lighten the tattooed ink so that it is less visible. It takes eight weeks to complete the process.

Kara can’t promise that she’ll be able to completely remove every botched brow she is presented with. She believes that microblading, as a cosmetic procedure, needs to be more closely regulated. If bills are not passed to require technicians to have further education and training prior to being allowed to perform the procedure, Kara worries that what happened to Jami could happen to many others.

“It’s very unpredictable to how much you can remove but it works. Nobody’s governing this. Until a senator’s daughter or someone who can pass a bill gets messed up, this will continue happening.”