Onetime White House Ally Anthony Scaramucci Warns Donald Trump To Stop Calling Reporters The ‘Enemy’

Ben GabbeGetty Images

Anthony Scaramucci has some words of advice for his former boss — stop calling reporters the enemy of the American people.

The erstwhile member of the Trump administration has never been shy about sharing his thoughts on Donald Trump’s performance or offering unsolicited advice for him. This week, the fellow New York City business mogul had some thoughts on Trump’s harsh treatment of the American press.

In an op-ed for The Hill, Scaramucci noted that Trump has always taken an adversarial relationship with the media, which at least in the early days of his presidency was largely the prompting of former adviser Steve Bannon. Scaramucci said that it went both ways, as Trump had what he saw as a disproportionate share of negative press.

Despite his own difficulties with the media, Scaramucci wanted to make it clear to Trump that the press is not the enemy of the American people.

“In many ways, the press is the savior of the republic and one of the cornerstone ingredients that has led the great American experiment to prosperity and power over its 243 years,” Scaramucci wrote. “The press may be flawed, it may offer bias, it may be self-righteous and sanctimonious and highly critical, but it is serving the exact purpose that the country’s Founders wanted.”

Scaramucci noted that many fellow Trump supporters will be upset with his statements defending the press, but he said that Trump “knows better” and should stop “punching down” on members of the media.

“The Founders made the First Amendment first for a reason. They saw the destructive, sclerotic forces of tyranny in the Old World and they wanted to make the New World a place that protected the most sacred minority on earth: the individual,” Scaramucci wrote.

Donald Trump has been particularly riled in recent weeks, after the completion of Robert Mueller’s Russia report and a summary from Attorney General William Barr that concluded Trump did not collude with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump has taken the summary as vindication — despite Barr writing that Trump was not fully cleared on allegations that he obstructed justice — and has launched a number of attacks against the media that wrote about allegations of collusion.

Other Republicans have called on Donald Trump to ease his attacks on members of the media, especially after last year when an ardent Trump supporter mailed bombs to some members of the media and politicians who Trump frequently targets on Twitter and in statements.