Clark Gable’s Grandson’s Cause Of Death Revealed

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Earlier this year, the grandson of Hollywood legend Clark Gable passed away, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Clark James Gable, known professionally as Clark Gable III, passed away on February 22 at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Gable III, who was an actor himself, was 30-years-old at the time of his death.

When he died, Clark’s cause of death was undetermined, but now, the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s office has officially determined how he died. As reported by Fox News, Clark Gable III died as the result of an accidental drug overdose.

Speaking to Fox News, the medical examiner revealed that “Gable had a mix of illicit fentanyl, oxycodone, and alprazolam in his system.” Fentanyl, an opioid commonly prescribed as pain medication, is around 100 times stronger than morphine and has been responsible for tens of thousands of deaths in the U.S. over the past few years.

David Rubini, who served as Clark Gable III’s manager, was surprised by Gable’s use of drugs.

“I’ve known Clark quite a long time and he never did drugs in my presence. This was an unfortunate accident,” Rubini told Fox News.

“Clark was not a drug addict,” Rubini added. “Fentanyl-laced opioids are destroying innocent lives; this I do know. This is a real epidemic right now in this country that needs serious attention, immediately.”

“Clark was a good family man and loved his fiancée Summer. He proudly doted on his beautiful new baby daughter Shore. Clark loved… his siblings and relatives with all his heart.”

While Clark Gable III did not tap into the film industry in the same way that his Academy Award-winning father did, he did make a career on the small screen. Per his IMDb page, the actor served as the host of Cheaters during the show’s 13th and 14th seasons, which aired in 2012 and 2013. He also made an appearance on two episodes of Maury, and a single episode of Big Morning Buzz Live. That being said, Clark did enjoy some time on the big screen. He landed a small role in 2001’s Ordinary Madness and 2013’s Looking for Clarissa. At the time of his death, Clark Gable III was set to star in Heckle (which is still in post-production, per IMDb). He was also working on a film titled Sunset At Dawn, which is currently filming. It is unknown if his death will impact the projects.

Clark is survived by his mother, Tracy Yarro Scheff, and his sister, Kayley Gable.