Bella Thorne Shakes Her Thing In Bedazzled Bra & Ripped Shorts In New Instagram Video

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Bella Thorne is at Coachella, and is clearly enjoying herself. Her newest Instagram post shows her shaking her thing in a revealing outfit, as she raved about the Filthy Fangs party in the captions. The party featured Bella and was an invite-only event, according to LA Guest List. Thorne rocked a bedazzled bra and shorts with frayed edges. She also wore a bedazzled belt to complete her look, along with long, black gloves. She appeared to wear two, glittery watches on both wrists, along with a glittery pin in her hair. Her makeup matched the silver theme, as she sported silver eyeshadow.

The event poster that Bella posted on Instagram yesterday noted a lineup including Rich the Kid and the Soundflowers. It was also the second annual party that Filthy Fangs have thrown during Coachella.

Thorne posted additional footage from the party to her Instagram Stories, as she hyped up each act before they went on with funny selfies. She also shared a photo of a table at the party with a plaque that read “FREE DABS!!” along with “FREE WATER!!”.

It’s no surprise that Bella is a fan of cannabis, as she’s been outspoken about her smoking habits in the past. With that being said, It’ll be interesting to see what else Thorne will be doing while she’s at the festival.

Bella previously opened up about her initial thoughts on weed, reported Your Tango.

“I used to be super, super against weed. When I was 16, my boyfriend smoked weed and I would get so upset. I thought it was the devil’s lettuce. I was always the really good two-shoes — the one that was the teacher’s pet in that annoying sense.”

But it turned out that cannabis helped Thorne, which she apparently started using to help quell her emotional distress. The distress was unfortunately caused by her acting work, which she delved into so deeply sometimes that she couldn’t snap out of her character’s emotional trauma.

“My mind is a scary place. I can’t leave myself alone too long. My mind goes to a weird place if I’m not at work all the time.”

And it’s clear that Thorne keeps herself plenty busy. In the past year, she launched her makeup line and published a book. We’ll have to wait and see what else Bella has in store, but if this upcoming year is anything like her last, she’s likely to surprise her fans with something new and exciting.