Hailey Clauson Dons Skimpy Pink Bikini On Instagram

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Hailey Clauson shared a new bikini pic with her Instagram fans today, and she looked as fabulous as ever. The photo showed Hailey posing against a tan wall, as she wore a skimpy pink bikini. The model stood on her toes, and was photographed from head to toe. She wore a pair of white-rimmed sunglasses, along with a bracelet and festival wrist passes. She also pulled her hair back into a ponytail for the shot, and placed her hands by her head. It was geo-tagged in Indio, California. This makes perfect sense, considering Hailey is attending the Coachella Music Festival right now.

Her Instagram Stories revealed more about her time at Coachella, including several videos from night time that showed her dancing and singing along at a concert. Plus, Hailey posted a couple of shots of her glam outfit as she posed by a pool. And finally, she shared a snap of her legs as she lay on a lounge chair by the pool. It looks like she’s having a great time so far, and is managing to squeeze in some relaxation too.

Yesterday, Clauson shared one of the images from the poolside photo shoot on her Instagram feed. It showed her wearing a brightly patterned shirt dress, which she cinched at the waist with a black belt with gold hardware. She wore her hair in a top bun with loose bangs framing her face, and accessorized with hoop earrings.

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Prior to her arrival in Indio, Hailey shared a couple of Instagram pics that showed her on the road by rolling hills. The hills were covered in wildflowers, as the model rocked a pink, floral dress with a denim jacket. She kept things casual with a pair of white sneakers.

One of Clauson’s best-known modeling pursuits have been with Sports Illustrated, so its no wonder that she looks so amazing in a swimsuit. But that’s not to say things were always easy, as she opened up to Harper’s Bazaar about her modeling journey.

“I’ve always had insecurities with my body. I did fashion shows when I was 14 and then my body changed, I became more womanly. Puberty hit, my boobs came in and shows weren’t really an option anymore. Nobody knew what to do with me. I felt insecure and unwanted by the industry. But eventually I realized, ‘Oh, I can still work, I’m just going to have to figure out a different direction.’ That’s when I met Sports Illustrated and the editor MJ [Day], she loves all types of bodies. So that initially made me feel comfortable.”