'Fake' And 'Embarrassing' Farrah Abraham Slammed For Instagram Bikini Video

Rebecca Cukier (old)

Farrah Abraham appears to be on a bit of a downward spiral. The Teen Mom OG star might be making headlines, but they don't seem to be for the best reasons. On March 19, The Daily Mail reported Farrah being "blasted" for allegedly photoshopping a nude Instagram post. On April 3, The Inquisitr reported similar backlash following Farrah's endorsement of an anti-aging product. Abraham has since removed the post from Instagram.

On April 11, Farrah took to Instagram to post a video of herself in a tiny bikini. The video, taken at the beach, appeared to contain fitness advice. Explaining that she had "no gym," Farrah's makeshift workout footage was captioned as the "perfect travel work out [sic]." It seems to have turned into the perfect storm.

"People that pay for a body, shouldn't be giving workout lessons on how to achieve that body. That's called false advertisement."

"This is worse than amateur, it's straight [sic] embarrassing."

Admittedly, this reality star has changed over the years. 16 and Pregnant showed Farrah void of cosmetic enhancements. With a 2019 look that's inching its way towards being a Kim Kardashian dopplegänger, there's no denying that Farrah's appearance has evolved.

When it comes to workout videos, celebrities mostly receive praise. Jennifer Lopez, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot have all shared sweat-dripping gym moments to social media. Something about Farrah's attempt just isn't working, though.

The April 11 video brought in further comments calling Farrah "pitiful" and "awkward." Farrah does not appear to have responded to them.

Abraham may be a teen mom icon, but her April 11 fitness post didn't resonate well with her followers.