Supermodel Gigi Hadid Shows Off A Little Leg & Snacks On McDonald's Fries For Coachella

American supermodel Gigi Hadid may be world-famous for her incredible figure and unparalleled beauty, but now she's also making some social media waves for her choice of pre-Coachella snacks. According to her latest Instagram share, the svelte supermodel isn't entirely averse to the concept of a cheat meal, clearly enjoying an order of McDonald's french fries while casually seated in advance of the iconic music festival.

In these particular images, Gigi can be seen slinging one long, slender leg over the back of her chair as she takes a moment to relax. The long slit of her flowing dress reveals a single toned, tanned thigh, the rest of her modesty being well-covered. The supermodel is smiling broadly in the first picture as she lifts a fry to her lips, her eyes narrowed in wry amusement.

The red and yellow of the McDonald's branding is clearly visible in both snapshots, which makes sense given that the set of two photos are promotional in nature. Gigi Hadid accessorizes her sunny -- and hungry -- look with a number of different bracelets, some cute earrings, and chunky black boots. Her striking tawny tresses are styled in a serious side part, loose locks falling about her neck and shoulders in waves.

A number of other festival attendees can be seen congregating in the background, along with some some posh-looking seats and simple tents.

Giving a shout out to the fine folks behind the Golden Arches, Gigi let her sunny disposition do most of the talking for her. Fans hungry to show their love for the supermodel quickly turned to Instagram to do so, lavishing over 375,000 likes and 1,300-plus comments on the share in very short order.

"Mcdonalds is lucky AF," one fan quipped, punctuating their reply with a simple heart emoji.

While the majority of the comments were in support of Gigi's deep-fried snacking, some commenters were a bit more critical.

"Stop acting like you eat when in reality you starve yourself," one particularly put-out user wrote in response to Gigi's share, drawing a fair amount of criticism themselves.

"No queen McDonald's supports Israel. Please look into it," a second follower urged, proving that politics can enter almost any domain.

Despite the criticism, it appears that Gigi Hadid was perfectly happy to partner up with the quick-service restaurant in advance of Coachella. Her fans and followers seemed to largely love seeing her snack on some french fries -- a rather drastic change from her usual slew of haute couture shares.