Model Ana Cheri Unzips Bra, Flaunts Eye-Popping Cleavage In Instagram Video

Ana CheriInstagram

With 12.2 million Instagram followers, it’s safe to say that Ana Cheri has established herself online.

The fitness model and influencer has racked up 100,000 followers in the past few days alone. The Inquisitr last reported on this social media sensation on April 9, when she teased her fans with a spaghetti-centric snap.

Today, Cheri brings a fresh update with an entirely new post. It comes in the form of a video, and there’s plenty to see. Clad in purple leggings and a cropped black sports bra, Ana is appropriately dressed for a girl whose life seems to revolve around fitness. Deterring attention away from a backdrop of flowering shrubbery, Cheri is seen unzipping the aforementioned bra. The camera wastes no time zooming in on this model’s ample assets. Cheri then sticks her tongue out for the final, cheeky finish.

The video had accumulated over 212,000 likes within an hour of being posted. Unsurprisngly, it has also racked up its share of comments.

“Zip it good,” one cheeky fan wrote.

The post doesn’t just come as a pleaser for this California-born model’s fanbase. Big bucks are to be made from Instagram, with many influencers raking in the cash through their own line of clothing or by serving as a brand ambassador. Ana’s Cheri Fit line of clothing is the focus of her most recent update, although male followers are unlikely interested in the “awesome support” from Cheri’s sports bras.

While one calls Cheri a “tease,” another describes her as a “dream woman.”

There is, admittedly, an art to nailing provocative social media videos. In today’s day and age, success largely stems from models steering clear of generic settings. Ana’s recent video does just that. No glam squad appears to have been used. In fact, Cheri’s loose-flowing curls and makeup-free face seem void of extensive hair and makeup crews. With the sun on her face and a pair of shades to protect her eyes, Cheri appears very much in her natural element.

An attractive body goes a long way though. With rock-hard abs, feminine curves, and no fear of flaunting them, this model has a knack for keeping the attention focused on her. She’s also being eyed up for endorsement potential – the above bikini post comes as a promotion for CBD brand Ignite. It likewise comes with a call to action. Fans aren’t just shown a fit body rocking a string bikini. They’re invited to comment.

As with many Instagram models though, the higher the ratio of skin to clothing, the more popular the post will be. March 4 saw Ana take the ultimate plunge. She’s fully nude, her curves are fully accentuated, and over half a million of her fans hit awarded her with a like.

As of April 14 though, all eyes are on Ana and that zip.